least one quote using mla W r i t i n g

least one quote using mla W r i t i n g

2.3 Discussion Forum #2: Navigating O’Brien’s Truth Together

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Part I: Review

Part II: Post (15 points) Please number each requirement.

  1. Articulate Tim O’Brien’s overall philosophy/definition of truth and telling a true war story, and provide at least one quote using MLA in-text citation to support your discussion. Be sure to take his contradictions into account and not to oversimplify his text. You should also consider if his philosophy of truth is limited to telling war stories (approximately 75-100 words). How might it compare to your own?
  2. Explain one way in which O’Brien’s story connects to the first chapter of your textbook “Argument: An Introduction” (2-17). Be specific and provide support from the assigned texts as needed. Do not use Figure 1.5. (approximately 75 words)
  3. Is O’Brien making an argument and/or truth-seeking? Is he attempting to persuade his readers of something? If so, where on the continuum does his text fall? (use Figure 1.5 in our textbook, page 11) Granted, he is writing a story and not a traditional essay, but we must not restrict our understanding of persuasion to nonfiction…(approximately 75-100 words)

Be sure to fully develop your posts, illustrating close reading of O’Brien’s powerful story and our textbook. In addition, careful proofreading is a must–no “i” for “I.”

Part III: Reply (10 points)

Respond to posts 1-3 for two of your peers (5 points each). Begin by introducing yourself, and remember, replies that start with “I like” rarely stimulate good conversation. If you agree or disagree with your peer, be sure to explain why. If you think your peer’s post is off-topic, help them to get back on track. As always, try to choose someone who has not yet received a reply, and let lease let our CREED (Compassion, Respect, Empathy, Empowerment, and Dignity) guide your engagement with your peers. O’Brien’s text is powerful and there’s much to consider. I look forward to reading your posts and replies!