least four academic sources need B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

least four academic sources need B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

you don’t have to make vedio


. Your group will be researching the current challenges and best strategies for staying positive and productive as a virtual group during a global pandemic.

Team name

Team logo

Team motto or slogan

Team methods of communication and info sharing

Tasks and roles for group members

Best way to present the information to the class

Your presentation should include your team’s name, logo, and motto as well as research about virtual teams. Make sure you include examples from research as well as your experiences from your group time. Discuss challenges your team faced and strategies you used overcome distance.

At least FOUR ACADEMIC sources need to be used. Three sources could come from recent credible news articles. At least one must come from peer reviewed scholarly journals (chat with a librarian online if you have questions). All of your sources need to be stated/cited in your presentation where the information is used. The final slide should be a unified, alphabetized reference list in an academic format (APA/MLA).

Length: The length of all of the videos combined should be approximately 6-8 minutes.

These presentations need to be CREATIVE. Please do NOT stuff power point slides with just words that viewers are supposed to read (BORING). Feel free to incorporate other visual aids or videos that can increase interest in your subject.

The presentation has the same format as your individual speeches.

INTRODUCTION (grab attention, establish credibility, thesis statement which will sound something like “after listening to our speech, the audience will understand the challenges and strategies for staying positive and productive during this crisis.

BODY – Content including but not limited to discussion challenges and strategies.

CONCLUSION (review main points, restate thesis, call to action: memorable, motivational)

The whole thing must be developed and presented so that we can see and hear each member present a part of the speech. The times for each member do not have to be exactly the same. One member may have a smaller speaking role because they may be the master of building interesting slide shows. Each member must state their name before their part of the video.

I will send the team name and logo