least 3 current (< 5years H e a l t h M e d i c a l

least 3 current (< 5years H e a l t h M e d i c a l

Target: Obesity in the community of Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas

The following represents the request:Create a PowerPoint presentation to illustrate and explain how the core determinants of health are impacting the health of your target population utilizing the picture below. Note that you should briefly review all of the determinants, and then choose the ones that impact your target group to talk about in the assignment. Be sure to review the textbook (will be provided in the next message) as you need to cite passages from the specific chapters.

2. Requirements:

– 8- 10 slides

– At least 3 current (< 5years) scholarly resources, other than the provided material

– An introduction, conclusion, and references slides

– Written in APA Format 7th edition

– Your presentation should be rich in images, pictures, graphics, pictures, diagrams, and charts to keep the audience entertained. (all these need to be adequately references as depicted in the attached file)

3. References you must use ( additional ones will be required)

  • Clark, M. J. (2015). Population and community health nursing (6th ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson Chapter 11 and 14. Please make sure you have access to this classroom book online, it is a must be used and cited
  • HealthyPeople.gov. (2019). Determinants of health.

Keep in mind the following rules:

  • The powerpoint needs to respect the 7x7rule – maximum 7 sentences were slide, no longer than 7 words.
  • Each slide must contain speaker notes, at least 100 words.
  • No grammar errors
  • No plagiarism.
  • The textbook needs to be cited.

Materials provide:

Example – this is an example of a previous work and how this one should look

Essay – this is my essay based on which contains information about the community which will be used.

How to cite an image – the professor is very strict and desires the pictures to be cited adequately.