leading global cell phone manufacturer W r i t i n g

leading global cell phone manufacturer W r i t i n g

part 1 answer question (if you can not access to the book just make it up by your own knowledge do need text book) 1.5 page total

  • Hisrich, R.D. International Entrepreneurship. Third Edition. Sage Publications, Inc. ISBN: 978-1483344393.

1.According to your text book, how can you define culture?

2.Please, review table 3.2 in your text book. How does the country chosen for your international business plan project differ from the United States along these cultural dimensions?

3.What implications do these differences have for doing business in that country?

4.You may have participated in playful quizzes where you are asked “if you were an animal, what animal you would be“, or “what color describes you best”. It is also possible to use activities, products, animals, or objects to describe a country’s culture. For instance, wine has been cited as a possible metaphor for French culture, because classification, composition and maturation process are important both when producing wine and when trying to understand how French society works. France is also dominant global producer of high quality wines.

What would be a good metaphor for the United States? Please, remember there is no single correct answer to this question.

part 2Please, read the following cross-cultural dialogues and answer the following questions.1 page total

1. A Dinner on Friday

Below you will see the dialogue between Mr. Sogo, a Japanese businessman and Mr. Collins, an American. Please, read the dialogue and answer the question below.

Mr. Sogo

Mr. Collins! Good to hear your voice again. What brings you to Osaka?

Mr. Collins Good to hear you too, Sogo-san. I’m here on business with my new company. I’d like to invite you and Ozawa-san to dinner on Wednesday.
Mr. Sogo

Thank you very much. I’ll tell Ozawa-san. Did you hear his good news?

Mr. Collins


Mr. Sogo He’s been made president of the company.
Mr. Collins That’s wonderful. Please give him my congratulations. I look forward to seeing you both on Wednesday.
Mr. Sogo I’m sure Ozawa-san will be very pleased to see you again. Where shall I tell him to meet you?

What is happening here? Based on his last reply, it looks like Mr. Sogo is not attending the dinner. What could explain his behavior?

2. A Pat on the Back

Below you see the conversation between two colleagues, Mr Kaneda who is from Japan and Ms Walden, an American.

Mr. Kaneda Are you satisfied, then, Ms. Walden, with the work of the accounting division?
Ms. Walden Very much. Their output has improved tremendously.
Mr. Kaneda They’re very proud of their work.
Ms. Walden

As soon as you put Mr. Yamamoto in charge, things began to turn around.

Mr. Kaneda Yes, the whole team is working very smoothly now.
Ms. Walden Will you be giving Mr. Yamamoto some kind of recognition then?
Mr. Kaneda Excuse me?
Ms. Walden You know. An award or something?
Mr. Kaneda

I hardly think so. We wouldn’t want to embarrass him after all he has done.

What explains Mr. Kaneda’s response? Why doesn’t he want to recognize Mr. Yamamoto’s good work?

3.Something Personal

This is a conversation between Alain, a Frenchman and Deborah, an American.

Alain Did you hear? I’ve been offered a position in Lyon.
Deborah I didn’t. Congratulations.
Alain But I don’t know if I should take it. It means uprooting my family and moving to the other side of the country.
Deborah You need some advice. Why don’t you ask a friend? Pierre, for example.

You mean Gallimart? I don’t know; this is personal.

Deborah But you’ve known him for almost a year.
Alain Yes. That’s what I mean.

Why is Alain hesitant about soliciting advice from Pierre Gallimart?

part3 read then answer 0.5 page

The picture below shows the cover page of Wall Street Journal in 2005, where a Taiwanese electronics component supplier, YCL, accuses of Nokia, the then leading global cell phone manufacturer of unfair treatment. Please, note that launching this negative publicity campaign against their major client was extremely costly for YCL.

Wall Street Journal Fall 2005.jpg

Below you will see the authentic email correspondence between these two companies leading to the negative ad campaign. YCL also publicized this correspondence as a proof of its unfair treatment on part of Nokia Corporation.


Who is at fault here? Nokia? YCL? Both? Please, explain your answer.