lay outthe front pagesthe case study alone H e a l t h M e d i c a l

lay outthe front pagesthe case study alone H e a l t h M e d i c a l

it is an Ethics presentation Assignment, which am supposed to present in class, based on what the case study is below.

Below is the case study of what the presentation will be talking about. Please used this case study to write the paper

1): Moral Courage with a Dying Patient

Mr. T. is an 82-year-old widower who has been a patient on your unit several times over the past 5 years. His CHF, COPD, and diabetes have taken a toll on his body. He now needs oxygen 24 hours a day and still has dyspnea and tachycardia at rest. On admission, his ejection fraction is less than 20%, EKG shows a QRS interval of greater than 0.13 seconds, and his functional class is IV on NYHA assessment.

He has remained symptomatic despite maximum medical management with a vasodilator and diuretics. He tells you, “This is my last trip; I am glad I have made peace with my family and God. Nurse, I am ready to die.” You ask about an advance directive and he tells you his son knows that he wants no heroics, but they just have never gotten around to filling out the form. When the son arrives, you suggest that he speak with the social worker to complete the advance directive and he agrees reluctantly. You page the physician to discuss DNR status with the son. Unfortunately, Mr. T. experiences cardiac arrest before the discussion occurs and you watch helplessly as members of the Code Blue Team perform resuscitation. Mr. T. is now on a ventilator and the son has dissolved into tears with cries of, “Do not let him die!”

The presentation should be written in about 15 pages,.

following this lay out

The front pages

The case study alone on a page

Case study in your own small words


Ethical Dilemma ,based on the case study


ANA Code of Ethics based on the case study

Nursing provision based on the case study



Below i will give an attachment that content the (Rubric information for Ethical Dilemma)

And an example for the Ethics presentation

Please follow the rubric information.( 15pages)