Journal entry 4-module 5 | Operations Management homework help

Journal Entry 4 – Module 5 – Chapt. 6 & 7


Journal Entry 4 – Module 5 – Chapt. 6 & 7

1. How does expectancy theory relate to follower motivation?

2. Write an elevator speech that describes the basic idea of path-goal theory (see figure 6.1).

3. Complete Case Study 6.3 and questions on pages 131 – 133.

4. In your most recent work team:

  1. What do you observe as internal and external motivators for the group members?
  2. What do you observe as motivating for the leader?

c. Does the leader appear to be “tuned in” to the members’ motivational factors?

Give an example that you have observed.

d. Do the team members motivate their leader? How?

What have you observed the group members doing to motivate the leader?

e. If you could tell your supervisor 3 things that keep you motivated on the job, what would they be?

5. Take the Path-Goal Leadership Questionnaire (pgs. 133-135) Summarize your results and interpret your score.

6. What is a dyadic relationship and what is the impact of high quality dyads in the workplace?

7. Read the Case Study 7.1 and respond to the questions.

8. Describe the term Leadership Making and relate the three phases of leadership making to a work relationship you may have had or observed in a workplace.

9. Complete the LMX Questionnaire on pgs 157 – 158. Report and analyze your results.

10. Read the articles on leading remotely.

A. Remote Collaboration

B. A Guide to Managing Remote Teams Effectively

a. Rank which article was most helpful.

b. Summarize in 2-3 sentences for each article the best advice from each article.

c. What challenges will you have motivating yourself and your employees in a remote work setting?

11. What are your latest leadership “Ah ha’s?”


Approximately 250 words