jennifer gray 7th edition publisher elseviersee attach journal article H e a l t h M e d i c a l

jennifer gray 7th edition publisher elseviersee attach journal article H e a l t h M e d i c a l

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Format your answers in the form of a WORD document (No PDF’s) compliant with APA formatting standards, with some exceptions. A title page is required. The body is composed of answers to questions asked in the 3 sections below. A reference page is not required. Use 12-point Times New Roman or 11-point Arial font with APA margins, line-spacing, and paragraph alignment. Use section headings. Your answers should be labeled numerically in an order that is congruent to how the questions are being presented. Therefore, your answers should be labeled with the number for the question you are answering. Your answers are not to be in a short essay format unless indicated. Answers should not exceed one paragraph per question. Use complete sentences (where appropriate), proper grammar, and spell-check the document before submission. Scholarly writing is worth 10% of your grade. Do not exceed 3 pages in length (excluding the title page). Should the body of your paper be more than 3 pages, only the first three pages will be graded and any required content not included in these pages will be marked as not done and the appropriate point deductions will apply. Should you submit your paper in PDF format, you will receive a “0” with resubmission being at the sole discretion of your instructor. Label your assignment as:

Homework C:

Unit 3: Introduction to Qualitative Research and Searching Databases for Meta-analysis or Meta-synthesis.

Purpose: Identify the steps of the Qualitative Research Process. Recognize different types of quantitative studies. Demonstrate how to search for a meta-analysis or meta-synthesis. MLO 2, 4, 5, 6, 7

Provided Evidence: see attach article below

Article title: The COPD Exacerbation Experience: A Qualitative Descriptive Study

Part I – Critical Analysis (62%)

Qualitative research is a systematic approach used to describe experiences and situations from the perspective of persons in the situation. The qualitative research process follows the same general steps as the quantitative research process but is based on different philosophical values and assumptions.

Answer the following questions using the provided evidence

  1. What is the research problem/what is the gap in knowledge?
  2. What are the aims of the study?
  3. What is the study’s design?
  4. How were data collected?
  5. Was audiotaping and coding used in the study?
  6. What was the mean age of the participants?
  7. What was the main theme and what were the six subthemes?
  8. The study’s findings indicated that participants experienced an illness prodrome how many days prior to the onset of an acute exacerbation?
  9. Name one study limitation.
  10. What level of evidence is this article based on the Hierarchy of Evidence?
  11. List the reference for this article in correct APA format.

Part II – Recognition (14%)

A phenomenological researcher examines an experience and provides interpretations that enhance the meaning while staying true to the perspective of those who have lived the experience. Grounded theory researchers explore underlying social processes through the symbols of language, religion, relationships, and clothing and describe the deeper meaning of an event as a theoretical framework. Ethnographic researchers observe and interview people within a culture to understand the environment, people, power relations, and communication patterns of a work setting, community, or ethnic group. Exploratory-descriptive qualitative studies are conducted to provide information that will promote understanding of an experience from the perspective of the persons living the experience and possibly solve a problem. Historical research involves examining past events to draw conclusions and make predictions about the future.

Match the study’s purpose to the qualitative approach that best fits the purpose. Is the study ethnography, phenomenology, historical, grounded theory, or exploratory-descriptive? (You may simply list the answer; you do not have to re-type the content.)

  1. Describe being a family member of a person living with an external heart pump.
  2. Describe the contributions of Mary Eliza Mahoney, first black nurse in the United States, to the status of black nurses in the profession from 1930 through 1950.
  3. Compare beliefs related to health and women’s roles among women living with HIV infection in northwest New York State with those of women living in New York City.
  4. Describe the lived experience of grieving among widows whose husbands died in combat in Iraq since 2007.
  5. Explore the needs of patients undergoing treatment for hepatitis C infection.
  6. Describe the behavioral and communication patterns and social interactions that maintain functional status of frail elders.
  7. Describe professional nurses’ perspectives on employers’ requirements to obtain an advanced degree.

Part III – Evidence Search (14%)

EBP involves the use of the best research evidence to support clinical decisions in practice. The levels of research evidence are a continuum, with the highest quality of research evidence at the top of the pyramid and the weakest research evidence at its base (see Fig. 1.3). Evidence-based guidelines are rigorous, explicit clinical guidelines that have been developed based on the best research evidence available in that area.

Locate and provide a meta-synthesis or a meta-analysis on appropriate coping strategies for burnout prevention and:

1. List the complete weblink (URL) OR attach the evidence. If you choose to attach the evidence, list your answer as “Please see the attachment”. The link MUST be live/or the evidence must be attached, and the evidence must be published within the last five years.

2. Create the reference for the located piece of evidence in correct APA format.

3. Summarize the major conclusions of evidence you found in 3-4 sentences.

Textbook: Understanding Nursing Research by Susan Grove and Jennifer Gray 7th edition Publisher Elsevier

See attach journal article. APA format please. Thanks