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PART ONE:  Generally speaking, social media has three primary uses for  organizations: recruiting talent, knowledge sharing and reinforcing the  brand.  How is social media used in achieving these objectives at your  organization? How does your organization prevent employees from abusing  social media on the job? If you are not currently working, just use a  hypothetical (or past) work experience. 

PART TWO:  Please review the “Applying OB” section on page 354 for tips on  optimizing LinkedIn profiles. Does your profile fit the criteria listed  there? What would you do to improve your LinkedIn profile? Share your LinkedIn profile with the class. Share improvement suggestions to help your peers improve their profiles. 

Social media is a tool that help organizations to boost productivity by harnessing the potential and enhancing performance. When used correctly it can benefit us but if not managed well, it creates many risks. The primary use of organizations like recruiting talent, knowledge sharing and reinforcing the brand is helping to achieve great things by many organizations, and our pharmacy is also trying to use the benefit from all these key channels. Social media is the best place to grab customers attention, so being a community pharmacy we take the opportunity to interact with customers, build relationships by participating in the community. We use fakebook to engage with our customers by sharing our pharmacy stories and services we offer. We keep posting some quotes, conducting polls about health and wellbeing. We share information like health tips, seasonal precautions, industry news etc. We use social media to thank our customers, vendors, employees, and community. We encourage them to give feedbacks and suggestions for the improvement of our pharmacy. We use LinkedIn, to connect with people looking for jobs for our workforce employment needs. To have no risk to business caused by employee misuse of social media, our organization have an internet use and social media policy in action, where it sates clearly to employees the limits of acceptable online communication and conduct. Manager has right to monitor computer usage with the workplace and he has certain policies like no negative comments are allowed to publish about other employees or customers, prohibition on disclosing confidential information about the pharmacy, employees or customers where violation may result in disciplinary action or may cause termination.

After reading the “Applying OB” from the text, I have to frankly say none of those listed criteria is followed in my LinkedIn profile. It was during my under graduation I created my LinkedIn account but never has utilized it. With contacts of my friend’s soon after my masters I got a job in the pharmacy and I don’t ever have to look back for other opportunities due to the growth and satisfaction with my job. Still I am sharing my LinkedIn profile and any suggestions are welcomed.

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Social media is having a lot of impact in this modern society. It brings many benefits to the corporate world along with numerous risks in its use, misuse of company resources, conflicts of interest, and disparagement of others (Jason, 2010). Social media use web based and mobile technologies to generate interactive dialogue with members of a network (Kinicki, 2018).

My company uses LinkedIn, one of the social media for recruiting talents. It is one of the world’s largest network, where everyone with an established career has created a profile. My company has a LinkedIn page which gives the information about our company culture, openings, and any other information related to the company. Our recruiter use filters to find the potential candidates based on the location, current and previous employer, years of experience etc.

Knowledge management is very crucial in every company. It will help the employees understand the processes at work. We use share point which is a cloud-based software combined with social media for sharing knowledge internally. We get weekly updates from CEO regarding the COVID-19, company transformation, any new applications that are installed or going to be installed, and any other information related to growth of the company.

Being a retail company, we use social media for promoting our brands to impact the sales both in store and online. We used social media like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram for marketing our brands. We publish the links, photos, videos hoping to reach as many people as we can.

My profile fits 60% of the criteria listed in optimizing LinkedIn profile. I do have a professional LinkedIn profile with all the steps mentioned. I need to improve on building my network. I need to connect to more people of my technical domain. Here is the link of my LinkedIn profile

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Using the Power of Crowdsourcing to Map Radiation – The segment profiles how scientists and others are using new technology and the power of crowdsourcing to find radiation hot spots in the area near the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant in Japan that was damaged in 2011 following a devastating earthquake and tsunami. (10:31)

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This week provides practical advice for improving three critical communication skills. The first skill is becoming a more effective presenter. The TED Five-Step Protocol for Effective Presentations should be followed to deliver a presentation with impact. The second critical communication skill is managing crucial conversations. A crucial conversation is a discussion between two or more people where (1) the stakes are high, (2) opinions vary, and (3) emotions run strong. When faced with the need to have a critical conversation, people may avoid it, face it and handle it poorly, or face it and handle it well. The STATE technique is a method for facing crucial conversations and handling them well. With this technique, the person should: (1) Share their facts, (2) Tell their story, (3) Ask for others’ facts and stories, (4) Talk tentatively, and (5) Encourage testing. The final critical communication skill is managing up. Before providing upward feedback, it is important to gauge your boss’ receptiveness to coaching. If your boss is open to feedback, the chapter describes techniques for effective upward management.These and other communication skills are covered in this week’s unit.


  • Examine how social media can increase organizational productivity
  • Distinguish communication patterns between men and women
  • Investigate generational differences in communication
  • Assess communication competence
  • Analyze your personal listening skills and develop an action plan to improve these skills