include full apa formatted references H e a l t h M e d i c a l

include full apa formatted references H e a l t h M e d i c a l

Discussion Board Week 1: Review a Legislative Session

Becoming familiar with the legislative process is an important skill for public health advocacy, prevention, and policy. Review the Senate Floor session for March 10th 2016: Navigate to ~24 minutes into the video. There is a lag on getting the session started. After that there is a remaining 1 hour 15 minutes in length. Please review it in its entirety.

The session video should be opened using Google Chrome or Firefox (Internet Explorer will not work effectively for this video)

The California Legislature passed a set of landmark public health bills:

  • SBX2-5 Electronic cigarettes (Leno)
  • SBX2-7 Tobacco products: minimum legal age (Hernandez)
  • ABX2-7 Smoking in the workplace (Mark Stone)
  • ABX2-9 Tobacco use programs (Thurmond)
  • ABX2-10 Local taxes: authorization: cigarettes and tobacco products (Bloom)
  • ABX2-11 Cigarette and tobacco product licensing: fees and funding (Nazarian)

Each bill that was passed that day has the potential to impact improvements in public health.

  • Review in the video, and also research and describethe bills listed above that particularly interest you.
    • Then, share two specific facts you learned about one bill you researched.
  • Next, not focusing on the two bills you just discussed, review two other tobacco bills from the list above and share one piece of information you learned from each of them that was connected to: 1) the legislative process or 2) advocacy or 3) policy solutions.
    • Try your best to link (describe) the information you learned to Chapter 1, 2, or 17.
  • You are required to use at least TWO sources from the textbook, government reports, peer-reviewed journal articles or textbooks. Use your OWN WORDS (e.g., do not cut and paste from a government report or article).
  • Paraphrase (use your own words) to report the information.
  • Include APA formatted in-text citations to identify your sources AND include full APA formatted references for your sources at the end of your post.