include 2 full pages typed peer review material W r i t i n g

include 2 full pages typed peer review material W r i t i n g

Length of paper: The Paper will need to include 2 full pages typed peer review material and a bibliography page. This makes the total length of your paper 3 pages.

Subject: Summary of Georgia Immunization Requirements for Child Care and School Attendance (DPH) and you will be able to find this on the web. This is what Georgia law says that is required of public school students. I do not want you to debate the law, for that is the law. However, I want after you research this law for you to write an opinion paper. Should we ( A )make every citizen follow it to the law with no exceptions except for if the patient is allergic or (B) Uphold the law however if someone has an objection to giving a vaccine we will except citizens being excused from the law. This could be religion, parents do not want to etc.

When you decide what side you want to stand on either A or B begin writing your paper using peer review resources to strengthen your point. You need at least 2 peer review


Attach your paper to this drop box.

You have a chose on the topic of your final. You may choose the attachment about vaccinations or the one below about life. The grading rubric is the same for either topic.

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away” -Author unknown

This is the topic of your Final exam. You may choose anything that you have studied this semester in this class or you may decide to acquire knowledge outside of our study.


Define the statement. Create an opinion.

Find at least two other scholars (articles) to agree with your opinion (peer review)

Paper needs to be two full pages (single spaced)

Third page of your paper should be a reference page. Your will need at least two peer review articles listed