husband european domesticated animals — horses W r i t i n g

husband european domesticated animals — horses W r i t i n g

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In chapter one, Gonzalez discusses the role of the church and their heavy influence in major parts of the United States. The missions in Florida left a significant impact on the rich history and culture of the state, Gonzalez says “Weber notes that the missionaries of Florida and New Mexico “taught native converts to husband European domesticated animals—horses, cattle, sheep, goats, pigs and chickens…raise fruit trees…and practice those arts and crafts that Spaniards regarded as essential for civilization as they knew it” (Gonzalez p. 17).
Why I decided to ask this question is because Florida, like many other colonized parts of the country have remnants of our past all around and a deep rich culture due to the blending of different ethnicities coming together.

-In what ways do we see the influence of these settlements in modern day America and how does it play a crucial role in our society today?



Question: During the mid to late 1820s, the book mentions that in Havana, “more than a third of all marriages were between slaves, and nearly a fifth were between a slave and a free person” (p. 19). My question is: Why do you think such a high percentage of marriages included slaves during this period, and did the racial mixing at this point in time mean racial equality?

I chose this question because I noticed that this chapter was focusing on the church and the role of race at the time, the chapter noting the amount of slaves being married and I wanted to know what my classmates think the reason was for slaves to be married to each other and to free people; I am curious as to whether my classmates think it was it something natural for love, or perhaps there was a hidden agenda between slaves and their free partners?