health fair rubric exemplary proficient developing unacceptable comments points content accuracy H e a l t h M e d i c a l

health fair rubric exemplary proficient developing unacceptable comments points content accuracy H e a l t h M e d i c a l

The community has invited you to participate in a Health Fair/Presentation designed to enhance community knowledge about various health issues in the neighborhood. As a Registered Nurse in the community; you are to present on GRIEF AND BEREAVEMENT topic . You will need to choose a local organization that supports GRIEF AND BEREAVEMENT. You are to make a PowerPoint presentation.You will need to present on GRIEF AND BEREAVEMENT and the organization chosen for approximately 15-20 minutes.


Create a PowerPoint including the following information:

  • How the registered nurse serves the community at the primary, secondary and tertiary levels of prevention related to GRIEF AND BEREAVEMENT.
  • Brief description of the organization and how health promotion initiatives served by this organization are organized and financed (Example: How are the health promotion initiatives decided upon and where does the financing come from?)
  • Identify quality improvement methods the organization utilizes to demonstrate they are improving health outcomes.
  • Site your references using APA 7th edition format, including in-text citations and include full reference at the end of your presentation.
  • Include any significant facts related to the topic and/or organization that may entice the learner’s interest.

Presentation-Health Fair Rubric








Accuracy and Depth of Content

(Pertains to information presented on PowerPoint)

Information presented is consistently accurate and current. Analysis, application, and synthesis of content is effective and relates to nursing practice. Presentation covers all required components clear and complete.

Information presented is accurate. Analysis and application is demonstrated and offers depth to the presentation. Required components addressed, lacks detail/clarity.

Gaps in knowledge in some of the information presented. Majority of the required components addressed, but not fully. Minimal content depth.

Accuracy of information is questionable. Presentation does not address all of the required components.

Use of Resources (Required minimum, 4)

(Integration of resources means that it is clear where resources are integrated in the written material with in-text citations )

More than the required number of credible and current resources are used and deeply integrated into the presentation to support the content of the presentation.

Required number of resources are used and cited to support the content of the presentation.

Required resources integrated to demonstrate a connection between the source and the content.

Required resources not used; lack of resources used to support the content. Does not meet presentation requirements.


(Pertains to information presented on PowerPoint)

Presentation has rare mechanical, grammatical, and APA errors.

Presentation has occasional mechanical, grammatical, and APA errors. Additional editing would have been helpful.

Presentation needs improvement and attention to improve mechanical, grammatical, and/or APA format.

Presentation has significant mechanical, grammatical, and/or APA errors; risk for illegibility or plagiarism.

Use of Communication/
Visual Aids

Variety of aids used to enhance the presentation; creative selection of aids to deepen the audience’s understanding. Communication/visual aids professional and applicable to the topic.

1-2 aids used in the presentation to enhance the presentation and audience’s understanding.

Aids used but did not stand out or enhance the delivery of the presentation.

Aids used inappropriately. Font too small or too much information included. Unimportant information highlighted.