guidelines please use standard 1 ” margins W r i t i n g

guidelines please use standard 1 ” margins W r i t i n g


One of the distinguishing features of the American political party system is that throughout the nation’s history, it has only had two major political parties. Numerous other parties exist, though a variety of factors make it difficult for them to gain widespread support. Yet many Americans feel disillusioned with the two-party system and find that their own views align more closely with a third party. This assignment affords you the opportunity to create a third party that you believe could gain traction in American politics.

This assignment calls upon you to investigate what the two major political parties have to say about a political issue that is important to you as well as to reflect on how the parties’ positions on that issue have evolved over recent election cycles.

To begin, you will want to think about the two major parties and some of the better known third parties. What issue (or group of issues) do you think the existing parties have not adequately addressed? This question is an important one because it will help to guide you as you create a third party of your own.

For guidance, here are the websites of some of the more prominent third parties in the United States: