good life “: john calvin H u m a n i t i e s

good life “: john calvin H u m a n i t i e s

create at least 15 multiple choice, multiple answer (check all that apply) or matching questions from the course material. You must create questions from at least 10 of our modules. You are encouraged to use material from more than one module in a single question (for example, as distractors/wrong answers in a multiple-choice question, or as items in a matching question).

Here is some guidance on creating questions:

To earn full credit on this assignment, your questions must be good ones (see the guidance on writing questions), and they must come from at least 10 different modules. Put an asterisk/star next to the correct answer. For matching questions, just put the items next to each other that match up. At the end, write a little about what it was like for you to write these questions!

Here is a template for you to use, with examples. Just copy and paste this into the text box of the assignment; or if you wish, you can copy and paste into a separate document and upload it:

#MODULEQUESTION03 Modern and Ancient Leisure

Which of the following activities would the ancient Greeks say were proper to leisure? Choose all that apply.

  • Horseback riding
  • Music*
  • Giving parties
  • Contemplation/philosophy*

04 More Ways to Live a Good Life  (with a little Module 11 too)

Match each philosopher with their main approach to “living the good life”:

  • John Calvin / Live to work; it’s God’s calling
  • Thomas Aquinas / Work to live; living should be about growing your mind and soul
  • Juliet Schor / Don’t work so hard; Americans work too much
  • Adam Smith / Hard work and earning money benefits capitalism and society


What was it like for you to write these questions? What have you learned about question writing and course construction?