good essay offers something new H u m a n i t i e s

good essay offers something new H u m a n i t i e s

I’m working on a psychology writing question and need support to help me learn.

Essay: Put that Phone Down Assignment

Electronic devices have saturated our society, becoming a distraction that hinders our connections with others. For this assignment, imagine that you are a developmental expert asked to help individuals connect meaningfully with someone in a particular stage of life. Outline a response by writing an essay that includes these points:

  • Choose a life stage (for example: infancy, adolescence, older adulthood, etc.).
  • Using information from our textbook describe the primary need or needs of individuals in that stage of life.
  • Suggest at least 3 activities that would facilitate a meaningful connection based on the need(s) you have described.

      Essay Assignment Instructions In General Psychology, you will write several essays throughout the term.For each essay you will answer a question about the Module: Week topic(s), writing in a way that is engaging and furthers discussion on the topic. Use the guidelines below to write a substantive essay:

      • Each essay must include at least 400 words.
      • While meeting the word count is important, it is possible to write an essay that is long enough, but not substantive enough to earn full credit.The second criteria of a good essay is including a clear and substantial answer to the prompt.When preparing your essay, ask yourself,
      • When answering the essay question, it is important to use concepts, research, and/or theories from the Module: Week material to support your thoughts.A good essay will:
        • Offer a thoughtful response on the topic being discussed, and
        • Demonstrate a thorough understanding of the topic by using material from the resources provided for that Module: Week in your answer. Using anecdotes or personal experiences are not as substantial or scholarly as using research and/or theory to advance the discussion.
      • A good essay offers something new and fresh.
        • Avoid simply answering the question with a simple response or reiteration of what the textbook says.
        • Present information in a way that advances thought on the topic and shows a clear understanding of and reflection on the material.
        • Demonstrate your knowledge by presenting facts.
        • Demonstrate your understanding by providing practical application.
        • This does not mean that you write and write and write, but rather that you present a thought-filled and reflective essay that addresses the question being asked in a way that demonstrates a true depth of understanding of the Module: Week material.
      • A good essay is written in a scholarly way. Each essay:
      • Does my essay answer the question or questions being posed?
      • Does it clearly answer all parts of the question, supported by course materials?
      • Is free of grammatical and spelling errors,
      • Uses current APA format (Student Standards),
      • Includes in-text citations and a reference section,
      • Includes an APA-formatted title page,
      • Demonstrates a solid understanding of course concepts by using scholarly sources rather than personal experience or anecdotes.