following three crime prevention strategies L a w

following three crime prevention strategies L a w

Each student will write a final research paper that addresses the following scenario and adheres to the guidelines below:

After years of crime problems, ranging from child abuse and neglect, to break-ins, to gang violence, and increasing public fear of crime, New England City established a local crime prevention council. The council is mandated with the development and implementation of effective crime prevention programs to supplement the efforts of local criminal justice agencies. One of the first tasks of the council is to identify which of the following three crime prevention strategies will guide its crime prevention activities over the next ten years: developmental, situational, or community.

You have been hired by the crime prevention council to carry out this research. You are required to select one of the three crime prevention strategies and write about why this strategy should be used by the council to address a particular crime problem facing the city (you choose the crime problem). The council requires your paper to be divided into three parts. The first part must identify and describe the recommended crime prevention strategy, focusing on its theoretical bases and key characteristics. Provide an example of one of the types of programs that falls under your strategy. The second part must review the research evidence on the effectiveness of your strategy in relation to the chosen crime problem. The third part of the paper must identify limitations of your recommended strategy and how these limitations can be overcome.

The paper will be graded according to the following points: connection of research and theory to policy/practice, use of the required readings and other scholarly sources, organization and writing skills, and adherence to the guidelines.

The paper is to be a maximum of 15 (or a minimum of 12) double-spaced pages (not including the title page and bibliography). The paper is to be typed and have one inch margins. All of the sources used in the paper must be cited appropriately and appear in the bibliography, and the bibliography must follow a consistent style.