first paragraphgive smaller details H u m a n i t i e s

first paragraphgive smaller details H u m a n i t i e s

I have two assignment. The first one is discussion so I choose the author name Priscilla Wilkins his notes about the publication is “Priscilla is a columnist, reporting on schools in Oak Hills. She grew up in a big city, but moved to this small town to teach history at Oak Hills High School. However, she and the principal George Stormoen got into many disagreements over teaching practices and school organization. She believed that the school was wasteful in how they spent money, that the teachers did not hold very high standards for the students, and that there was a general disorganization for all school events. She eventually quit her teaching position a few years ago and got a job writing news reports for Oak Hills Educator.” I have 4 questions to answer them using the author notes. The story is THE SHOW MUST GO ON this related to the discussion so you have to read it and then read the notes for the author and then answer the questions. The questions are

  1. Are there any people involved with the school or play that the author may like or dislike? What is the connection? What feelings do you think the author has toward this person/ group?
  2. Is there anyone the author may be trying to blame or trying to protect from receiving blame for the fire? Who and why?
  3. What do you think might be the highlights or most important part of the story for this author?
  4. What do you think may be the least important part, or a part the author may want to avoid mentioning?

The second assignment is After reading The Show Must Go On and discussing your author’s perspective, it’s time to write a short news report.

Writing Assignment


Write a short news report about what happened on the evening of May 13, 2019. This is a news story giving facts and information. It should not give opinion or theory, but it should be written with a limited and biased perspective. This should give enough information to the audience who don’t know anything about the fire.

  • Write from the perspective and with the bias of your author and publication (meaning spend more time and coverage on the things that are most important to you, and little or no time on the things you don’t care about)
  • Write around 200 words (2-3 short paragraphs)
  • Use big main ideas in the first paragraph
  • Give smaller details in the second and third paragraphs
  • Use your own words/ synonyms (don’t copy from the original story)
  • Format like a newspaper with a title, author and date, and with short paragraphs
  • Create and use quotes or statements from anyone the author may have interviewed
  • Make sure to have a catchy headline
  • Include the name of the person from 10.10 whose perspective you are writing from. I will know who you actually are when you upload the file.
  • Use the example story The Show Must Go On in 10.10 as your guide (but yours can be shorter).

If you don’t understand just ask me.