find relevant secondary sources W r i t i n g

find relevant secondary sources W r i t i n g

Hey tutors, I already completed this essay but I need it edited. I have attached the writing I completed and the assignment instructions.

Here are the comments the professor told me I need to fix:

Okay this is going to need reworking first of all all of page one and the first paragraph of page two are very nice but they don’t get to the point of answering the questions that I asked. Your second paragraph on page two first of all Belmont report you need a capital r in report secondly the three ethical principles are respect for persons Justice and beneficence that should be the first paragraph of your report then you need one paragraph for each principal.

Each paragraph needs three sections. The first section is the definition of the principle from the Belmont report. you were asked to use the definition of the principles in the Belmont report period you were not asked to use outside sources to do this work. The second part of each paragraph needs to explain clearly and accurately how that principle applies to the study you chose. The third part of each paragraph must explain exactly how the study violated that principle.

Then you repeat this process for the next two principles.

You were asked to do the project question and answer. The discussion of the three principles is the first section and the second section needs to be done and you need to answer the question and the question is if you think data can be collected on untreated syphilis in an ethical manner explain how that is describe the study accurately. If you do not think that data can be collected ethically on untreated syphilis explain why not.

Although I appreciate your ability to find relevant secondary sources about the study. That was not what you were asked to do. Your reference list is not in proper ASA format and you need to go back to the ASA style sheets. Also please remove the DOI numbers.Your writing is very good but you need to stick to exactly what was asked. Even though what you did is a very good read it is not exactly what was asked for.