extend beyond 17 days W r i t i n g

extend beyond 17 days W r i t i n g


So far in this course, I’ve asked you to accept the validity of the scientific method while simultaneously asking you to critically examine how it has been used improperly in the past. In this discussion board, you’ll develop your own ideas on the matter.

Answer the following question: Name something beneficial that exists in your life because of the scientific method. You may want to consider medicines, technologies, knowledge, etc. Consider addressing any of the following elements:

  • What problem faced humanity before this development?
  • How did science influence culture in this case? How does culture influence science?
  • How is your life improved with the existence of this scientific advancement?
  • How was the scientific method used to identify and solve a problem?

Please do not critique your classmates’ answers in this discussion board, let each person share their own appreciation for the scientific method without fear of reprisal.

Sample Response

“In 1918, my great uncle died from the Spanish flu when he was only one-year-old; the loss was horrific for my great-grandmother. Over 100 years later, I have a one-year-old daughter and I am incredibly grateful for the computer and internet technology that, coupled with medical research, allows me to work from home and protect my daughter from Coronavirus. Medical researchers and public health officials are working tirelessly to develop a better understanding of how Coronavirus spreads and, through the scientific method, we’ve learned that asymptomatic carriers can spread the disease (however rarely) and that the incubation period can extend beyond 17 days. As a result of this research, our culture had decided to let professors continue to teach from home and, through technological advancements, I am able to establish a genuine connection with my students – virtually!”


can not be plagiarized even 1%

Please analyze your own experiences directly in your response.

Length and Content

  • Please write 3-4 complete and thoughtful sentences.
  • You are welcome to take any stance that you like in this discussion – all you have to do is be able to back up your argument!
  • You don’t have to respond to all parts of the prompt; use the prompt to help brainstorm ideas for your response.