explore personal family experience among three generations H e a l t h M e d i c a l

explore personal family experience among three generations H e a l t h M e d i c a l

ASSIGNMENT #2: Ecomap and Genogram Project

The assignment includes two parts- an individual Ecomap and a personal family Genogram. Self-awareness is a critical component of Generalist Social Work practice. Self-awareness influences all aspects of the Social Work profession. This includes initial engagement, how professionals listen to clients, communication with others, professional approach to Social Work interventions, and the Social Work professionals’ ability to practice in an ethical and competent manner. The assignment allows the student to explore the social entities that impact daily interactions via an Ecomap, and the opportunity to explore personal family experience among three generations. Note, individual and family experiences plays a crucial role in the development of an personal values, attitudes, and biases. Understanding one’s own social environment and family dynamics can assist in understanding the ways one’s current values, attitudes, and beliefs may influence the Social Work professional and practice.


Part 1: Ecomap: Using the readings and class discussion, develop an individual Ecomap. The Ecomap should indicate 3-5 social entities, use symbols to indicate the strength, meaning and value of each social entities, and length of time each social entity has been a part of the student’s life. A sample will be shared and discussed with the class to prepare for the Ecomap.

Part 2: Family Genogram: This portion of the assignment requires the student to examine personal family of origin and be able to describe it with detail. Family of origin refers to those people with whom the student spent childhood. The student may have come from a traditional nuclear family, may have experienced diverse forms of family life as a child. Most families have BOTH “functional” and “dysfunctional” aspects to them, but all of these features contribute to one’s view of relationships and family life. The assignment will only be reviewed by the professor; thus, the student’s privacy will be respected. Only share information that feels safe and comfortable to complete the assignment.

1) Complete an Ecomap based on current individual living situation

2) Complete a Genogram of own family situation based on information from the past, and current family situation. The Genogram should include three generations. This can be student, parents, and grandparents (maternal and paternal).

The Project should be:

· One Ecomap typed or drawn in a Word OR Powerpoint Document

· One Genogram typed or drawn in a Word OR Powerpoint Document

· Save the two documents in one file as a WORD or POWERPOINT Document (it is your choice) and submit as one document on Blackboard by the due date.