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Ethical and legal issues are not simply reserved for the workplace; they intersect with our lives regularly. Many individuals, organizations, celebrities, and jurisdictions face dilemmas that involve ethical and legal considerations. As an example, the government has recently mandated that all schools reopen for face to face instruction during the pandemic causing many supervisors, educators, parents, and students to make decisions that not only impact education but personal lives.

Task: Based on your reading of Chapter 2, find an issue that involves an ethical dilemma either in the news or from your experience and:

  1. provide some background information about the topic (include links to articles when necessary).
  2. show where the controversy lies or ethics/principles of ethical communication may be violated (what is the problem? where does each party stand on the issue?).
  3. share what you feel the resolution should be using evidence from what you have learned in Chapter 2 to support your response. You must use specific references from the entire chapter to support your response. *Remember, however, as Chapter 2 points out, decisions and actions can be legal but not ethical and vice versa so be sure your resolution shows your clear understanding of the chapter.
  4. *respond to one other classmate (minimum), discussing what you found interesting about his or her post. Keep in mind that this is a “discussion.” Posts that do not meet the minimum response to a classmate requirement will not receive credit.

While there is no specific length requirement, responses must:

  • be comprehensive (Measures of Excellence); include enough information about the issues to comfortably educate your audience about the topic
  • include support from the textbook throughout–not just one sentence (quotes, summaries, paraphrases must be cited using simple APA in-text citations; however, a reference page is not needed)
  • highlight your clear understanding of the material presented

Review the chapter to see how various examples of ethical dilemmas are addressed in the workplace (great examples are given throughout the chapter and at the end in the exercises)