english writing assignments since summer H u m a n i t i e s

english writing assignments since summer H u m a n i t i e s

Last time, you helped me finish the needs assessment writing, grants/fellowships and response to 2 proposal samples assignment. Hope you still remember. In case you don’t, I attach what you did here. What you would do in this assignment is choosing a topic that we would do for the proposal and do a 250 word freewrite on that topic. There is a tutorial on how to choose the topic, Watch the tutorial here,


Apply the tutorial to your topic; freewrite on your topic (250 words). The topic should be somewhat related to what you did in needs assessment and somewhat related to my field of study, which is Information System Operation Management. For this assignment you will design a project proposal to apply for the the professor’s Fellowship.

This Fellowship Call for Applications (fictitious for assignment purposes only).This Fellowship is a newly developed fellowship that encourages applications from university students developing current or questioning past research in their particular fields of study. The fellowship provides a living stipend for the length of the project which should be conducted over a period of two academic semesters (about one full year). The length may be slightly extended depending on the project. The topic options are open to all fields, but they should be unique to the student’s discipline. The fellowship does encourage one semester involving coursework at any university and research that is guided by a professional mentor, followed by a semester of fieldwork that is relative to the direction of study. Location choice is not specific, but it must be relevant to the topic and enhance research in a meaningful way.

Reminder, this assignment would contribute to next assignment, which is around 3000-3500 word proposal. It would be awesome if you are the one who would do it for me too, as always. I have had you done all my english writing assignments since Summer.