eng 125 week 3 assignment W r i t i n g

eng 125 week 3 assignment W r i t i n g


Hi David! Thank you for uploading your paper “ENG 125 Week 3 Assignment – Literary Analysis Draft” for review! You have a great writing voice and I enjoyed reading your work. The way you’ve laid things out is clear, and it’s apparent that you’ve taken your time to think about this assignment. I’ve left specific comments on the paper itself, but I’ll give you some more general comments here. 1. APA FORMATTING: Your APA formatting needs some help. My best recommendation is to tell you to look at this sample APA paper and imitate it as closely as you can: https://owl.purdue.edu/owl/research_and_citation/a… Specifically, you need to: – Remove your running header. APA 7 no longer requires it. – Bold and change all of your headings/titles to black font. 2. GRAMMAR: You say “Indians” in this paper. On the first reference, I thought you were talking about Indians from the East. It would be much clearer if you were to change all instances of “Indians” to “Native Americans.” Other than that, you have a solid foundation to this paper and I hope that the rest of your editing process goes well. Feel free to reach back out to me for any further help! Thanks, Anna

Week 4 – Discussion 3

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Your discussion thread is due on Day 7 (Monday). Your grade will reflect the quality of your initial post.

Responding to Draft Feedback [WLO: 5] [CLO: 4]

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In Week 3, you submitted your draft to the Ashford Writing Center for review. In this forum, you will be asked to discuss what you learned from this experience and how you plan to use the feedback from the Writing Center as you move forward with your Literary Analysis.

Prepare: Prior to completing this discussion, you will need to have written a literary analysis draft and have submitted it to review to the Ashford Writing Center.

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Reflect: Review the feedback you received from the Ashford Writing Center and consider how you will apply their suggestions as you develop your draft into a final literary analysis essay. Consider reviewing the Applying Feedback (Links to an external site.) resource from the Ashford Writing Center.

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Write: Your initial post must be 100-200 words in length and posted by Day 7. In your initial post, please do the following:

  • State the tracking number beginning with “result” found at the top of your reviewed paper.
  • Respond to the feedback by offering:
    • A summary of what you learned from their comments;
    • A three- to five-point plan of items you will address or revise for your final literary analysis; and
    • Your thoughts on how you plan to use the services of the Ashford Writing Center in future courses.