employee stakeholder group assess three specific rights claimed H u m a n i t i e s

employee stakeholder group assess three specific rights claimed H u m a n i t i e s

Essay Questions: Answer any THREE of the following three questions.

A. For the employee stakeholder group assess three specific rights claimed by or granted to that group. Which rights does the group have and which rights should it have and under what circumstances?

B. Explain the ways in which a business can use information to honor the customer stakeholder rights listed in the Consumer Magna Carta and the ways in which information uses might violate those same rights. (Hint: The right to be informed is not the only right that information can honor or violate.)

C. Describe the recommended steps in the process a firm should take before and after deciding to close a plant. For each step in the process, explain which of the four elements of Corporate Social Responsibility support that recommendation.

D) You work for a financial management company. Today, your boss confronted you with a problem:

“You may remember that Bob Stevens retired las year. Well, this morning I got a call from one of Bob’s largest clients who scheduled a meeting for 2:00 this afternoon to go over his investment portfolio. When I pulled the information on his accounts, I discovered that we never reassigned the account to anyone new and Bob has done nothing with the money, so it has been sitting in our corporate account earning 1.25% interest for the last six months.

I’m assigning you as the new account exec, so I want you to meet with the client, but you have to understand that we can’t afford to lose this client. To help you save the account, I’ve created a set of account statements that recreate some of the investment gains and losses several of our other customers had. If the client had been in this set of investments, his return would have been about 1.25%, but the client won’t know we forgot about him. Those investments still have a lot of upside potential, so I think you could use them to keep this client—we really can’t afford to lose him.”

What would you tell your boss? Explain how 1) attribution, 2) scarce resources, 3) data perception biases and 4) disaggregation of responsibility might influence people’s reactions to the scenario presented above.