easily missed without paying full attention discuss W r i t i n g

easily missed without paying full attention discuss W r i t i n g

For this assignment you should review two videos.

1. The Simon Sinek video on empathy. After viewing the video by Simon Sinek on empathy, located in the learning materials section of this module, we can have a greater idea of empathy. As Mr. Sinek suggests, we have to start practicing empathy and relate to what others may be going through and it will profoundly change the decisions we make. It will profoundly change the way we see the world.

2. The Cookie Thief video Link. In this video the learning is embedded. Your assignment is to review the video and demonstrate your understanding of what the learning suggests. It is a short video, but its lesson is impactful.

To complete this assignment the Cookie Thief Video is your main source.

  1. Explain what you’ve learned by watching the Cookie Thief video. Don’t gloss over the many aspects of the video. Because the main learning can be easily missed without paying full attention
  2. Discuss a time when YOU were a cookie thief. This may take some thought and retrospection. But, keep in mind the essence of the learning.
  3. How might this learning help you going forward in your profession. For example, you are a manager and have to make some strategic decisions based on information provided to you by your management team. How might reflecting on this learning help you in that role. How might you apply the this learning? What role does empathy play in this learning (Simon Sinek).

    This assignment it should be written as a paper in APA format. In your paper make sure you answer the 3 part question. DO NOT list the questions in the paper. Again DO NOT list the questions in your paper. Your job is to synthesize the learning and make transitional sentences going from one topic to the next and weaving your story together. It should not be a robotic response to the assignment. Listing answers like, “I don’t know”, “I have never been a cookie thief”, or twisting the idea to fit your own narrative will not be accepted. This will take some thought for you, which is the essence of the assignment.