earlier classes may help us analyze H u m a n i t i e s

earlier classes may help us analyze H u m a n i t i e s

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Hello, I need help with my weekly reflection for my Upper Division Sociology class. I will provide you with (1) Powerpoint which, (2) the notes of which we studied in class, (3)Link for movie we must talk about, (4) and an Example reflection that is a 10/10 grade.The reflection is not an essay with an intro, body, and conclusion, but rather just shows the understanding of this weeks material and develop an analytical perspective on it. It is encouraged to use quotes from both the Powerpoint and documentary.

Down below I will attach the syllabus instructions for the weekly and the “Orientating Question” that was emailed to us after the lecture to help guide our reflection. THANK YOU.



Dear students,

Here is your orienting question for this week’s assignment, if you feel that you need one.

We had a powerpoint and lecture on the Zapatistas in Mexico and a documentary. How do the readings to date and earlier lectures help us better understand and analyze the Zapatista struggle? What terms, concepts, and theories from the readings and earlier classes may help us analyze this movement? Can you apply these terms, concepts, and theories to your analysis of the Zapatistas? What is the relationship of this movement in Mexico to globalization and resistance?