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  While you are in the infancy of thinking about your dissertation topic, it helps to begin with the end in mind.  During your literature review, you will uncover a gap in the scholarship on your proposed topic.  While this gap may be content or methodological-specific, it is critical to think about the type of methodology your study will employ as you begin your search.  Therefore, you will review the University of the Cumberland’s doctoral research handbook for approved research designs. You will not be “locked in” to your choice until your IRB is approved in DSRT 839, but you should have a general idea of how you will collect data on your proposed topic.  Directions:  1. Review the appendices of the doctoral research handbook to determine a possible research design for your study. 2. Start a new thread in this discussion board whereby you include the following:

  1. One brief paragraph overview of your proposed dissertation topic. Topic is Cyber Security
  2. One brief paragraph overview of the theories related to your topic. This should include at least one in-text citation. 
  3. One brief paragraph about how your topic relates to the goals of your academic program. 
  4. One brief paragraph about the methodology and study design you believe you will use with the topic after reviewing the approved designs in the appendix of the doctoral research handbook. This paragraph should also include how you plan to collect data on this topic. 
  5. Reference list for any in-text citations included.  

3. Reply to one other classmate providing support and coaching for their topic and proposed methodology.   


Approximately 250 words