discussion board please choose one H u m a n i t i e s

discussion board please choose one H u m a n i t i e s

Primo Levi, Survival in Auschwitz

For this week’s Discussion Board please choose ONE of the following options and write a three paragraph response making sure to refer to the text.  Please also write a short (one paragraph) response to one other student.  In every case, be sure to demonstrate that you have done the assigned reading.  

Regarding the Preface: Read aloud and explain in detail the second paragraph, especially the claim “But when this does come about, when the unspoken dogma becomes the major premise in a syllogism, then, at the end of the chain, there is the Lager”(9).  [Discuss in detail what the implications are of the claim: every stranger is an enemy.

Every stranger (minor term) is an enemy (major term).

All Jews are strangers (minor term).

Therefore, Jews are the enemy (major term).


This poem written by Primo Levi is a very heart filled message. This poem holds a lot of weight because the writer of this poem, Levi, knows what it is like to be free, and to be captivated. This poem starts out explaining how you, “who are safe in your warm home” that you have the ability to return to every night, always have the luxury of warm food and familiar faces to eat it with. Levi wants the reader to put them selves in the mindset of knowing what you have. Many of us take what we have for granted. Even things as simple as having a roof over your head, and food to eat, every day. These things are often taken for granted. We are so accustomed to having food, and a home to live in, that we often ignore the fact it is a luxury. This poem then dips into the thought of a man, such as Levi has experienced first hand, who has to “work in the mud”, “who does not know peace”, “who fights for a piece of bread”, and who can be killed by someone’s word. The poem also puts you in the shoes of a woman who has no hair, and no sense of self worth left. Personal identity has been stripped away from this woman. They are left to die. The reader of this poem is set to think how someone could have everything, and in a blink of an eye it could be taken away from them. This is what happened to Levi. Levi wants the reader of this poem to understand that although it may not seem like you have a lot in your life, what you have is something that many would kill to have. People are killing themselves day in and day out in these camps, to only be given a small piece of bread to eat. Where someone like the reader, comes home to a warm and loving house, and has many many options for food. This poem really speaks volume to me. This poem is a great example of the saying “you do not know what you have until it’s gone“. This poem is finished off by saying that these words that have been spoken to you, the reader, should be carved into your hearts. you should not forget that what you have will always be a blessing, and it should not be taken for granted. You should also teach your children, and your other loved ones to be appreciative of what they have. You could end up like Levi did, in a concentration camp, instantly in the process of being stripped of everything he once had, and was.