discussion [~ 500 words ]: present two themes O t h e r

discussion [~ 500 words ]: present two themes O t h e r

I have already collect data on the survey, all you have to do is analyze it.

This section requires you to report of a quantitative analysis investigating “university life during the Covid 19 pandemic” using online surveys and quantitative data analysis. You can interpret the topic how you wish but you should devise ONE clear research question (different from RQs studied in parts 2 and 3) that relate to a specific aspect of university life that is possible to answer using online surveys. The aim here is to design a small-scale survey study and analyse collected data. This must be no more than 1000 words.

You must formulate ONE specific research question for this section, and present at least one univariate (frequencies, mean, etc) and one bivariate (cross tabulation, correlation, etc) statistical outcomes that provides relevant information to answer your research question.

Research Problem and Questions [~100 words]:

  • Give a short explanation of: a) its significance in relation to broader social issues, and b) the specific things you intend to look for in your data collection to answer the research question. Do not forget to write your research question.
  • Methodological Discussion [~300 words]:

    • With reference to some methodological sources, describe the research method used in this part of the report, including a brief summary of its strengths and weaknesses. For this, cite at least three academic references (journal articles and/or books). Citations and references should be formatted in APA style 7th edition.
    • Ethical implications of the method. Results and Discussion [~500 words]:
    • Present two themes in an appropriate form. It is better to focus on a few aspects within these themes and analyse them in depth rather than trying to report every pattern you have observed.
    • Discuss the implications of these findings in relation to your research question. Conclusion [~100 words]:
    • Provide a succinct answer to your research question. How has your study helped to address the research problem?
    • Provide an evaluation of how your study could be improved by further research Bibliography [not included in word count]
  • Include your questionnaire draft for the section on online survey. Include your interview guide and transcriptions for the section on interview. Include screenshots
  • 16

    of the online post and replies/comments, plus your associated field notes, for the

    section on online ethnography.

  • Include questionnaire draft. Note that at the opening of your questionnaire informed consent and participant information statement must be included.