demonstrated strong critical thinking skills W r i t i n g

demonstrated strong critical thinking skills W r i t i n g

Final Project

When we began this course, you all had a vibrant discussion about your understanding of the humanities as an area of study and what the made you think of. This semester, you have read a great deal about the history, conquests, conflicts, values, and ideas that have shaped human cultures. We have also viewed and discussed how several centuries of art, philosophy, music, architecture, religion, and politics from these cultures can give us a deeper understanding of what the experience of people’s everyday existence might have been like.

We have analyzed reading and videos, and you all have demonstrated strong critical thinking skills in our discussions. For the final project, I would like to do something non-traditional and give you the opportunity to synthesize what you have learned in this class together with experiences you will likely have in your career or your life.


  1. Look back over the reading and supplemental materials we have studied this semester, as well as what you have learned from your classmates in our discussions, and what you have learned in class lectures or other outside reading you may have done.
  2. For your final project:
  • Articulate what you have learned, and more importantly, what you will take from this class
  • Discuss how you will use what you have learned in this class in your current profession or how you anticipate using what you have learned in a profession you hope to have once you graduate
  • Or, discuss how you will use what you learned in this class in your own life.
  • You might think about whether or not you might have colleagues, clients, patients, students, or customers from other cultures. What has this class taught you about diversity that you might apply to your future career?
  • Consider how you will take what you have learned in this class and will apply it to your own life. You could think about your specific topic, learning about other cultures, or learning more about the humanities through art and literature.


Option 1: Write a (900 to 1050 word) paper in which you discuss what you have learned and how you will apply it to the real world. Your paper will have a minimum of three sources from the reading we have done this semester or any of the supplemental materials we used. Your paper can be written in third-person point of view (he, she, it). Since this paper will be a reflection on your learning, use of first-person point of view (I) is also permissible. Do not, however, use second-person point of view. The paper may include graphics and illustrations. You must have in-text citations and a Works Cited page that uses MLA 2016 formatting.

Option 2: Prepare a presentation, video, or Web page that demonstrates your learning this semester and how you will apply it to the real world. Your presentation should demonstrate the same high level of critical thinking skills and careful preparation that you would use in a four-to-five page paper for a college course. The presentation can include graphics, text, slides, Podcast links, and/or video. For a good Website with free presentation-creation software, try, or create a PowerPoint. Be sure that your presentation is equal in depth and detail to the amount of information that would be presented in a 900 to 1050 word (four to five pages, double-spaced) paper. You will submit a Works Cited page separate from the presentation.

Documentation: You must cite every source used with in-text citations. You will have a Works Cited page at the end of the paper or presentation. You will use MLA 2016 formatting.

Sources: Draw on and cite at least three sources that we have read or covered this semester. One chapter in our Landmarks book can be a source. So, you might cite two chapters from the book and one video, or two videos and one book chapter, or three chapters from the book. Cite these sources within your text or presentation.

Proofreading and Editing: Create a polished final project. Allow sufficient time to review it, proofread, edit, and revise before you submit. You can also meet with a GBC tutor for advice on grammar, organization, and citing sources.

Point Value: This assignment is worth 105 points.

Most important criteria: Have fun with this project. Use this as a place to demonstrate what you have learned and how you can apply it to your life.