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correct randomly generated scatter plot B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

Week 5 – Correlation Analysis (required engagement exercise)

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This assignment teaches you what correlation analysis is and lays the groundwork for your Excel project due in Module 7. Before you attempt the assignment, you should read Chapter 13 p. 437 – 447. This portion of Chapter 13 may not be included if you purchased a physical copy of the textbook, but it is available for everyone via the e-book. NOTE: You will not need to calculate correlation coefficients by hand for your tests, but you do need to understand how to read and interpret scatter plots and correlation coefficients.

After you’ve done your reading, go to: (Links to an external site.)

To play the game, you need to match the correlation coefficients with the correct randomly generated scatter plot. After you have matched all four scatter plots, click “check answers” to see how you did. After you do your review, click on the button to “get new plots.” Once you feel comfortable that you understand what to do, enter the following group id to compete against your classmates: jns20. A running log of your results will be shown in a box below the graphs.

When you have completed at least 10 attempts, take a screenshot showing your log and answer the questions below in a brief essay.

  1. Start a new discussion thread. Embed your screenshot into the box provided (attachments not allowed).*
  2. What was your overall percent correct?
  3. Did you get any winning streaks? If so, how many in a row?
  4. What was your strategy for getting correct answers?
  5. How do your competition results compare with your classmates?
  6. What did you learn from this assignment?

* Your screenshot can be taken on your computer or you can take a picture with a phone and use that instead. Name the file and save it to your computer. You will need to upload your image file to Canvas first before you can embed it in your post. To read how, view this link: