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Welcome to sociology!!!

Let’s discuss the materials from Chapters 1, 2, and, 3. (You must reply to 2 of my 3 topics AND also respond to one of your classmate’s responses ). We must a substantive discussion with our classmates — that means you have to engage in a real discussion, not a short statement (such as ‘I like your post’, or ‘I agree with what you said’). Please have a REAL discussion about these cool topics (they are cool, really, they are 🙂 .

We are different from other sciences in that there are 3 major theoretical perspectives used to acquire knowledge.

  • One theoretical group, the functionalists (what the book calls structural-functionalism) is interested in how society works together. For these theories and sociologists using this perspective, the focus is on how society benefits from social organization.
  • The second theoretical group, conflict theorists, is interested in how groups compete for scare resources. For these theories and sociologists using this perspective, the focus is on how groups create and maintain power relations within society.
    • The two perspectives above are considered MACRO — they deal with societies and groups.
  • The third perspective is MICRO — it looks at the relationship between individuals and society and how societies influence individuals.

These theoretical perspectives help sociologists see the entirety of a society.

PLEASE RESPOND TO ALL 3 OF THESE TOPICS and have a substantive discussion with at least one classmate.

Please do not use online sources — I’ve been teaching for 30 years and am a published sociologist (I know all the sites!)

  1. What about Durkheim? What did he study and what did we learn from him? In your discussion talk about functionalism as a sociological perspective.
  2. What is the Sociological Imagination, also known as the sociological perspective, and how does it affect the way we perceive social life?
  3. The films we watch, The Merchants of Cool and Generation Like, inform us about the corporate culture in America today. How do you think this is affecting you personally? In your answer pay particular attention to how the socializing agents (or institutions — they mean the same thing) play out. How does corporate culture affect the family? School? Peer groups?

I will provide some links that may help and the chapter will be there as well