complex • proteins -­ 9 essential amino acids • fats -­ 2 essential fatty acids H e a l t h M e d i c a l

complex • proteins -­ 9 essential amino acids • fats -­ 2 essential fatty acids H e a l t h M e d i c a l

Now that we have collected a minimum of two weeks of data we can begin generating reports regarding our carbohydrate, fat and lipid intake.

We will be using the MyPlate portion of the NutriCalc Plus software to apply what we learn in Basic Nutrition to our own diet. At the end of the quarter (on Wednesday, June 26th by midnight) You will submit a detailed analysis of your dietary intake using a minimum of two weeks of dietary intake data, changes you have made to your diet and activity level, and results that you see in your dietary analysis from changes you have made. This is our chance to get familiar with the reports generated by the nutricalc software, prepare some preliminary reports, and begin writing our in-depth analysis.

All questions posed in each category should be answered in paragraph and essay format. Be sure to use complete sentences and proper paragraph structure (no bulletizing or question/answer format). Check your grammar and spelling before submitting your final report. Be sure to organize your report with proper headings for each section. For example, title each nutrient section. Your report should be submitted as a single document. Please also upload pdfs of your Nutricalc Reports generated as separate uploads. Your nutritional analysis report must be submitted as a pdf or word document upload to Canvas. Reports cannot be submitted by email or hard copy.

Please be sure to submit copies of your generated reports along with your write up for full credit.

Initial intake report from NCP-O

Record 2 weeks worth of diet and activity in NutritionalCalc Plus (

Print out the following 2 reports; Recommendations and MyPlate. You will be using these two reports to analyze your current diet and activity level. PDF each report and upload the file with your answers to the questions below. Please try to combine both reports and answers to your questions in one pdf (or otherwise uploaded/readable) document.


Provides you with the information on recommended daily nutrients based on your personal entry


Provides a visual graphic display of your food list in comparison to the USDA dietary guidelines recommendations. Be sure to select all the dates.

2 weeks analysis

For this analysis, you should be looking primarily at the MyPlate

and the Recommendation report that you submitted for your NCP


(Note: You will need your spreadsheet report for a few details in later activities.)

For your two week analysis:

1. Review the 6 classes of nutrients. Compare the recommendations from the USDA dietary guidelines and your food intake. Briefly describe how you think you fair in each of the nutrient categories. We will further break down the classes of nutrients over the course of the quarter. For now, provide an overall analysis of where you think you are in regards to your eating habits.

The 6 classes of nutrients are:


-simple & complex


-­9 essential amino acids


-­2 essential fatty acids (omega 3 & 6)