client alleged perpetrator – carol green – direct care staff L a w

client alleged perpetrator – carol green – direct care staff L a w

Task 1: – Investigative Conclusion

Allegation: It is alleged that on 10/10/2021 at 11am, while at the doctor’s office, Hope Group Home direct care staff, Carol Green, slapped, individual receiving services, Sally Freebird, when Sally called Carol a bitch which left a large red place on her right cheek.

Alleged Victim – Sally Freebird – Client

Alleged Perpetrator – Carol Green – Direct Care Staff at Hope Group Home

Reporter: Gabriella Rose – Nurse at Dr. Crew Ford’s Office

Witness: Gabriella Rose


Statement of Sally Freebird

Statement of Carol Green

Statement of Gabriella Rose

Photograph of Ms. Freebird, taken by Gabriella Rose, on 1/10/2021, which shows several red splotchy marks on her right check that appear to be raised.

Interviews Conducted:

Sally Freebird, alleged victim/individual receiving services, was interviewed face to face on 10/12/2021 at 9:15am at Hope Group Home by Provider Investigator David Sam. An electronic statement was taken and contains the following information: My name is Sally Freebird and I live at Hope Group Home. I’ve lived here for about three years. I know who Carol Green is. She is the daytime staff at my home and works Monday – Friday from 8a – 5p. Carol is the one that takes me to the doctor. I went to see Dr. Ford for a checkup yesterday morning. The nurse at Dr. Ford’s office called me back to a room. I don’t know the nurse’s name, but she was the only one in the room with me and Carol. The nurse needed to take by blood pressure, but I was wearing a thick coat, so I had to take it off. I guess I wasn’t doing it fast enough for Carol because she got mad and me and was trying to jerk the coat off me. She was telling me to hurry and that she didn’t have all day. She didn’t hurt me when she jerked the coat off me, but I did call her a “bitch” because she was being impatient with me. I guess she didn’t like that I called her that because she popped me on my face. She hit me with her open hand on my right cheek. It stung badly and now I don’t want her to work in my home. End of Statement

Gabriella Rose. Collateral/Nurse, was interviewed by phone on 10/12/2021 at 2:00pm by Provider Investigator David Sam. The following is a summary of that telephone contact: Ms. Rose stated that she is a nurse at Dr. Ford’s office and she knows who Sally Freebird and Carol Green is. Ms. Rose indicated that Ms. Green is the staff that normally brings Ms. Freebird in for her appointments. Ms. Rose stated that Ms. Freebird had an appointment in their office on 1/10/2021 at 11:00am. I called Ms. Freebird back to a private exam room and Ms. Green came with her as she usually does. On this day Ms. Freebird had on a very thick jacket which prevented me from getting the blood pressure cuff around her arm. I asked her to remove it and she was trying to. Ms. Freebird does move rather slowly but this is just her nature. Ms. Green was getting frustrated with Ms. Freebird and started telling her to hurry up and get the jacket off. Ms. Green then tried to take the jacket off of Ms. Freebird in a rather forceful manner. Ms. Rose said that is when Ms. Freebird called Ms. Green a “bitch”. Ms. Rose stated that Ms. Green got mad and popped Ms. Freebird in the face with her right hand. She said Ms. Green slapped Ms. Freebird on her right check and that it left a pretty bid red mark. As soon as this happened I asked Ms. Green to step out of the room, which she did. I did take photographs of Ms. Freebird which shows the red mark on her face.

Carol Green, alleged perpetrator/direct provider, was interviewed face to face on 10/24/2021 at 1:30pm at Hope Group Home by Provider Investigator David Sam. An electronic statement was taken and contains the following information: My name is Carol Green and I am a direct care provider for Hope Group Home. I have been working here for almost ten years now so I know who Sally Freebird is. I have worked in the home that Sally lives in for the past two years. I work Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm. My job is to make sure the clients get to work or dayhab on time, take them to any doctor’s appointments, make sure their medications are filled, and just help them with anything they need. I also pick them up from work/dayhab at 4 and take them home. I did take Sally to see Dr. Ford on 1/20/19. I think she was just there for her yearly checkup. I went into the exam room with Sally, when the nurse called her back, because Sally is unsteady on her feet at times, so I just make I am close by so I can help her if she needs it. Sally moves pretty slowly due to her age. The nurse, I don’t recall her name, asked Sally to remove her coat so that she could take her blood pressure. Sally was trying to get her coat off but she was taking forever and was struggling to get it off. After about 3 or 4 minutes I walked over to her and started helping her take off the coat. I don’t think I was being forceful but maybe I was because I was a little irritated that it was taking her so long. I don’t remember if I said anything to Sally or not when I was helping her. Sally got all upset that I was helping her because she likes to do things herself. She got mad and called me a “bitch.” I didn’t mean to but I just reached up and popped her on her cheek like I would do one of my children. It was just a reaction that happened before I could even think about what I was doing. I did notice a red spot on her right check. I was trying to tell Sally that I was sorry, but the nurse asked me to step outside before I could tell her. I guess the nurse must have called by boss because they sent someone else to take Sally home and they suspended me. End of Statement

Physical Abuse

According to Chapter 711.3 of the Texas Administrative Code, physical abuse is defined as:

In this chapter, when the alleged perpetrator is a direct provider, physical abuse is defined as: (1) an act or failure to act performed knowingly, recklessly, or intentionally, including incitement to act, which caused or may have caused physical injury or death to an individual receiving services.

Examples of acts described in the above TAC definition Physical Abuse

Knowingly – A staff member yanks a chair out from underneath a client as they were trying to sit down which caused the client to fall onto the floor.

Recklessly – A staff member throws an object, with the intent of hitting another co-worker, but the object hits a client instead.

Intentionally – A staff member picked up a broom and hit the client with it.

Task 1: Choose one the three words above that would fit the above scenario. Using your chosen word, and any evidence provided, complete a 3-4 sentence conclusion regarding the above allegation. The conclusion must include a finding, names of people involved, as well as any evidence you used to support your chosen finding. There are three findings to choose from and they are listed below.

Unconfirmed – The allegation did not occur

Inconclusive – There is not enough evidence to support or refute the allegation

Confirmed – The allegation did occur.

Please make sure your name is on your assessment

Task 2: – Letter

Create a professional letter, using the materials provided, to demonstrate why you should be the candidate selected for the HHSC Provider Investigator position.