cite source material using mla style W r i t i n g

cite source material using mla style W r i t i n g

Compare and contrast the Articles of Confederation and the US Constitution using the information you gathered completing the chart below. As you research and analyze these documents consider this: What caused the writers at the time to write in these specific clauses? What events in US history caused the founding fathers to rewrite the constitution? Why did states refuse to sign the new constitution until a Bill of Rights was added? What new additions to the constitution were difficult to pass and what compromises were reached to ensure it did pass? While the US constitution has lasted over 225 years what do historians consider its failures? A historical essay contains an introductory paragraph with a thesis statement, body of paragraphs and a conclusion. You must argue a specific viewpoint while discussing each of the colonial regions. Your opinion will not be graded, however how you argue your point using historical facts will be.

Articles of Confederation and Constitution Comparison and Contrast Chart

Questions to consider for comparison and contrast.

Articles of Confederation


Who were sovereign: states, the nation or the people? What does Sovereign mean?

Was there an executive leader and how much authority does or did he have? How was the leader elected? Was there a legislative branch or branches? Where and how was this representative body elected? A judicial branch?

What type of control did the legislative branch(s) have over trade? Taxes? Foreign relations? Raising a Military?

How could the document be amended?

Who directly interacted with the people? Was this truly a democracy?


The following resources are available for you to use. You will also need to use additional resources from your own research.