brigham young university law review W r i t i n g

brigham young university law review W r i t i n g

Complete Assignment Instructions:

For your Unit 4 Complete assignment, you will write narrative responses to assignment questions (minimum 1500 words narrative) in which you address and discuss the questions and statements listed below while conducting online research on the topics, including both company and non-company sources, and related topical research.

Prepare each response in a third person, consultant point-of-view format. Include a minimum of at least four scholarly, peer-reviewed articles (at least one minimum for each question below, your textbook may count as one of these sources). Be sure to demonstrate a thorough understanding of the READ and ATTEND sections in your essay. Cite your sources in APA format with in-text citations, as appropriate, and place a single labeled reference listing at the end of the assignment to provide full credit to the sources utilized.

References with the articles attached:

Chen, C. X., Gao, Y., Wang, Y., & Xue, S. (2020). Tailoring the Weights on Objective versus Subjective Performance Measures between Top Management and Middle Managers: Evidence from Performance-Based Equity Incentive Plans. Journal of Management Accounting Research, 32(3), 49–70.…

Spitko, E. G. (2019). Reputation Systems Bias in the Platform Workplace. Brigham Young University Law Review, 2019(5), 1271–1332.

Hough, L. M. (1998). Effects of Intentional Distortion in Personality Measurement and evaluation of Suggested Palliatives. Human Performance, 11(2/3), 209.…

Khorramdel, L., Kubinger, K. D., & Uitz, A. (2014). The influence of item order on intentional response distortion in the assessment of high potentials: Assessing pilot applicants. International Journal of Psychology, 49(2), 131–139.….

Text Book: Aguinis, H. (2019). Performance management (4th ed.). Chicago Business Press.

Complete Assignment questions:

For the first two questions, read the case “Minimizing Distortions in Performance Data at Expert Engineering, Inc.” on page 193 of the course textbook and think about objective measures, rater biases, and appropriate methods than can mitigate these issues. Answer the following:

Provide a detailed discussion of the intentional rating distortion factors that may come into play in this situation.

Evaluate the kinds of analytical tools and interventions you could implement to minimize intentional rating distortion, and its reasons, that you have described. What do you recommend and why?

Prepare responses to other chapter topic questions:

Describe current features of your organization’s own appraisal forms (or one chosen as a reference) and compare the system used against the textbook’s description of desirable features of appraisal forms. What improvements would you recommend and why?

Provide a recommendation of a combination of different methods of performance data that could be used to arrive at an overall score for each person being rated in your organization (or one chosen as a reference point). Explain the comprehensive system you have recommended and why you have chosen this combination of tools. Support your answer with research.