“ best ” solution ), W r i t i n g

“ best ” solution ), W r i t i n g

Your assignment: Identify a meaningful problem that is faced by people today (in our community; in our country) and write a 4 page research paper (four-page minimum) in which you explain the problem and propose some solutions. The first part of your essay will clearly identify the problem through examples and evidence, that it is a serious problem in need of a solution. The second part of your essay will propose a solution and convince your readers that the solution you propose is the most viable. The following outline is a suggestion; you should determine the best order of your ideas for the topic you choose.

Part 1: Identify the Problem

In the first part of your essay, demonstrate that the problem exists by defining/analyzing the problem. Provide enough contextual information to show your readers the scope of the problem, and explain who/what is affected, how, and why. You may choose to compare/contrast the problem with others like it. Most important, cite credible sources that will convince your readers that the problem is serious and worthy of their attention.

The first part of your paper should include the following key components:

An introduction that introduces your topic and leads up to your thesis.

A thesis which clearly states the problem and proposes your specific solution.

Explanation of, and evidence for, the nature and scope of the problem.

Part 2: Propose a Solution

Once you’ve identified the problem, you will investigate and analyze solutions. In the second part of your essay, explain what is already being done (if anything) and why it hasn’t solved the problem. You might evaluate solutions that have been proposed but not enacted. Most important, you will propose a remedy or plan that will eliminate or reduce the problem – this can either be one you found in your research or developed yourself. Using good reasons and credible evidence, persuade your reader that your proposal is feasible, and that it is better than alternative solutions. A strong proposal will anticipate and respond to objections and specifically explain how the solution will/should be implemented.

The second part of your paper should include the following key components:

Analysis of others’ proposed solutions for the problem.

Arguments against or objections to those proposed solutions.

Your solution (the “best” solution), and how/why it should be implemented; acknowledgement and refutation of the arguments against your solution.