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bedside table drawer3 .) W r i t i n g

Assignment instructions: read carefully

During your daily life as a college student, keep an eye out for the following things.

1. Take pictures according to the list below and note where you found it. (I typed this below and attached my pictures)

2. Then, write a short (300-400 words) reflection on how this activity makes you (re)think about the information all around you. Include the pictures you took to help tell your story. Your reflection must include at least five different pictures.

Here are some questions to get you started (but you don’t need to address all these or limit yourself to these questions).

• Are these things you normally don’t notice when in your home or in your community? If so, why do you think you don’t notice them?

• Are these things designed in such a way to blend into the background or to be noticed? Why do you think they’ve made these design decisions? Could the design be improved?

• Reflect on how your brain processes all the various signals/information it gets in a day. Is your brain’s effectiveness at filtering out all the “noise” a good thing or are you missing out?

• If you didn’t know where something was, how did you find it? What tools did you use? Why did you choose these tools

My items:

1.) A piece of clothing with a logo or brand name on it: my shirt with Levis logo, found in my closet

2.) Warning label on a product or product box: my sinus and allergy relief (antihistamine and nasal decongestant), found in my bedside table drawer

3.) A list of ingredients or nutritional information on a food package: my Kelloggs cereal, found in kitchen pantry

4.) A physical book: found on my bookshelf

5.) A work of art: Manhattan, New York 1961, found in my living room

Be creative and no plagiarism please! 🙂 thanks 🙂