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It’s good to understand the purpose of investing in social media marketing tools which is, “to make SMM more efficient and to less the chance of errors” (Bark et al., 2017). To get started in choosing the right, necessary tools, there are a number of points to consider: 1. Investigate the tools offered by a platform, 2. Think about what you need to accomplish, 3. Be sure the tool services the platforms you use, 4. Consider how many people need to use the tool and what their roles are, 5. Consider whether a free tool will suffice or whether a paid one is needed. Top Golf’s strategy seems to vary based on their location. Each location of Top Golf has a different media platform apart from the overall Top Golf brand. Therefore, selecting the right tools would range widely. If we solely focus on the main Top Golf page, we will need to evaluate the costs versus benefits. If we had a large Social team and we were wanting more efficiency and control, investing in multiple platform tools would be a beneficial purchase.

“To optimize the opportunities behind a social media marketing project (no matter the size or complexity of the effort), I believe organizations need to commit to budgeting in a consistent and patient way” (Schaefer, 2018). Along with budgeting funds, having consistent small engagements that eventually lead to awareness and bigger interaction, like a sale or a committed customer, can help monetize a company’s social media. When it comes to resources, small or medium companies are unlikely to have resources in-house to run a social media marketing strategy. Therefore, it is likely they choose to outsource expertise that could save money in the end. Whereas, larger companies can have an in-house employee to coordinate social media strategies.


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