attachedno word countno plagiarism accepted H u m a n i t i e s

attachedno word countno plagiarism accepted H u m a n i t i e s

read the attached and answer these questions ONLY BASED ON THE ATTACHED



this 27 questions must be answered on the paper and the paper should be written after reading the attaached module written by my instructor and MOST of the papers writing should be based on the module. I will attach the module below

1. What are the notable research methods in Psychology?

2. What are the major theoretical perspectives of Psychology?

3. Identify some of the specialties in Psychology.

4. Differentiate sensation and perception.

5. What are the major processes in sensation?

6. Differentiate the various perceptual organizational processes.

7. What are the paranormal perceptions?

8. Differentiate classical conditioning, operant conditioning and cognitive learning.

9. How do you see punishment effectiveness in bringing desired behavior?

10. Know memory models and stages.

11. Practice memory improvement techniques.

12. Compare motivation theories.

13. Understand specific motives: Achievement, Power, etc.

14. Comprehend emotional processes.

15. Examine personality assessment methods.

16. Assess impact of heredity and environment on personality.

17. Explore personality theories.

18. Know abnormal behavior criteria.

19. Know models of abnormal behavior.

20. Categorize psychological disorders.

21. Understand symptoms and causes of psychological disorders.

22. Distinguish therapies.

23. Learn therapeutic methods.

24. Evaluate effectiveness of psychotherapy and psychotropic medications.

25. Explore relationship between stress and illness.

26. Recognize health lifestyle risks.

27. Identify the most effective coping skills.

Your paper is strongly supposed to include the following contents:

Cover page:

  • College, Department,
  • Title of the paper,
  • Your name &
  • Your Id. No., &
  • Date of submission

Contents –

Introduction – Introduce the general overview of your topic (5-7 lines per topic)

Main body – Reflection, Observations, and Experiences related to a specific skill you choose.

Conclusion –

References – Use books, journals and other credible materials. Appropriate citation (American Psychologists Association, APA Style) needs to be carried out. Do not take information from personal webpage and Wikipedia