atleast 2 classmates michael clark L a w

atleast 2 classmates michael clark L a w

Based on what you have learned in this class, come up with a solid policy that you think should be implemented into the Criminal Justice system.  Base this recommendation off of everything you have learned (e.g., crime, why people commit crimes, victimization, police, courts, corrections ,CJ policy, etc..). Your policy should be directed at either controlling crime or changing police, courts or corrections.  Be sure to use several resources to back up your justification for the policy.  Also be sure to give your policy a name!

After posting your original post, be sure to engage in discussion with your peers.

Also responses to atleast 2 classmates

Michael Clark:T.R.A.P. (The Rehabilitative Alignment Policy)This policy will be directed at the correctional side of the CJS.  Chapter 8.5 mentions that roughly 95% of prisoners released have little to no rehabilitative change about them.  According to the Bureau of Justice Statistic with over a 5-year study (2012-2017), 62% of 34 states released prisoners were arrested within 3 years and 71% within 5 years.  The issue I want to address, and change would be their opportunity to be rehabilitated.  Education has proven to lower recidivism rates.  Blackstone Career Institute reported that just with an associate degree, the rate dropped to 13.7% and 5.6% with a bachelor’s degree.  This policy should be mandatory and completed by all prisoners before being released back into society.  This policy focuses on inmates’ skillsets and education to give them opportunity for success outside of prison.  Education would give them a step in the right direction and to realign their contribution to society.     Carter, D. (n.d.). 8.5. rehabilitation. SOUCCJ230 Introduction to the American Criminal Justice System. Retrieved December 10, 2021, from Matthew R. Durose; Leonardo Antenangeli. (n.d.). Recidivism of prisoners released in 34 states in 2012: A 5-year follow-up period (2012–2017). Bureau of Justice Statistics. Retrieved December 10, 2021, from, Author: bstone, & Author: (2020, October 16). Rehabilitation programs in prisons effectiveness through education. Blackstone Career Institute. Retrieved December 11, 2021, from

Kasey Weiss:This is a tough one. A policy I feel should be implemented into the Criminal Justice system is interpersonal communication. I feel like so many different situation can be mitigated with just some basic communication skills. This is something that’s not normally taught in the criminal justice system but more so taught in the corrections system because in the corrections system you don’t have the non lethal or lethal forces to protect you. All you have in there is your work of mouth. So more corrections officers know how to talk to people more so than patrolling officers. With this skill being taught it can alleviate so many issues within the police force. The name of this policy will be called “Interpersonal Communication Skills”. 

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