aspect ratio1920 x 1080 resolutionmp4 file formattitleenglish subtitles H u m a n i t i e s

aspect ratio1920 x 1080 resolutionmp4 file formattitleenglish subtitles H u m a n i t i e s

Create a Video Essay that explores the meaning of two films and their relationship with Chinese culture or “Chineseness”. Possible topics to discuss include nationalism, Confucianism, Marxism, capitalism, class, individualism/collectivism, race, operatic modes, realism, genre, etc. Imagine your audience is a curious American student with limited knowledge of Chinese film.

For this video essay, please choose one cinematic element to analyze in depth. Please choose to write about lighting, staging, costume and makeup, setting, color, etc. (mise-en-scene), shot composition, lenses, camera position, framing, etc. (cinematography), sound effects, music, sound design, etc. (sound), types of cuts, shot to shot relations, montage, rhythm, continuity editing, etc. (editing), or characters (story).

Option #1

  • Compare or contrast two films and how they interpret or define an element of Chinese history, culture, or society.

Option #2

  • Choose two films and discuss how these films illustrate change in Chinese history, culture, or society over time.

It should be around 5 or 6 minutes in length. You are required to use two films from either the syllabus or the below film list. You are encouraged to use outside sources, such as an interview clip from a source of authority. You must give credit to all sources. Please remember to include English subtitles for Chinese films or Chinese video clips.


The first step is to write a production script. This production script should include the “sound track” and the “image track”. The sound track should be a voice over that provides a structure to your argument and provides a hook, a thesis, minor claims, evidence, and explanation. This should have the same argumentative elements as your Midterm Paper. The production script should also include an “image track”. The image track should be clips from the various sources that will be used as evidence. If the film dialogue is important to your argument, it should be included. If dialogue is not important to your argument, then it should be left out in order to make more room for your own original argument.

The second step you need to accomplish is to edit. You should use a non-linear editing program to cut clips from the films, arrange those clips to match your “image track”, record your “sound track”, and put the “image track” and the “sound track” together. Plan on making many revisions, as timing is an essential part of editing, and it will take some learning to align the sound track and image track.

Technical Specifications

(16:9) Aspect Ratio

1920 x 1080 Resolution

MP4 File Format


English Subtitles for Chinese Dialogue

Run time around 5 or 6 minutes (*3 Student groups should be 7 or 8 minutes long)

End Credits

Film lists

Mulan (2020)

Wandering Earth (2019)

Ash is Purest White (2019)

The Farewell (2019)

Detective Chinatown 2 (2018)

Dying to Survive (2018)

Great Buddha + (2017)

Have a Nice Day (2017)

The Great Wall (2016)

Black Coal, Thin Ice (2014)

Touch of Sin (2013)

Ip Man (2008)

Kung Fu Panda (2008)

Three Times (2005)

Kung Fu Hustle (2004)

Blind Shaft (2003)

Hero (2002)

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon (2000)

In the Mood for Love (2000)

Eat Drink Man Woman (1994)

Blue Kite (1993)

Hard Boiled (1992)

Raise the Red Lantern (1991)

Enter the Dragon (1973)