apa cover page 7th edition W r i t i n g

apa cover page 7th edition W r i t i n g

Hi, how are you doing?

Writing assignment please follow this format, so your paper should look like this:

Page 1: APA Cover Page 7th edition.

Pages 2-3: Two pages of 12-font double-spaced writing critically exploring your own experiences, goals, and career path. Your paper should be clearly organized with an introduction, body, and conclusion. You should discuss how the assigned readings(from the BOOK) could enhance your personal journey, your future career path, and your professionalism. Use APA formatted in-text citations from the book(at least one citation on each page) in this paper. (250-500 words) . Go deep into reflection and critical thinking. Do not regurgitate the chapter, then tell me in one sentence why it matters…the entire paper should be about why it matters to you and your future…you should use critical thinking skills and deep thought to articulate this discuss your listening style(s) and what that looks like and will look like in your life and career path. Listening is KEY to communication and building relationships.

Page 4: References in APA format. (Cite textbook) please do not use any outside sources.

Here you will find Ch.3 from the book, the Rubric, and an example paper(it’s not for the same topic but it’s the same style):


Please see the Rubric before you start(You’ll find it in the above link)

You can write about any of these ideas:

1. What is the difference between hearing and listening, and why does it matter?

2. List three barriers to listening. Which barriers most frequently affect your ability to listen? List the steps you will take to improve your ability to avoid these barriers.

3. What is listening bias, and how has it affected your communication interactions in the past? What can you do to avoid it in future interactions?

4. List and define the four listening styles. Which style do you most relate to? Will this change now that you know how listening affects your professional excellence?

5. What is the difference between active and passive listening? Conversational and presentational listening?