answer question 5 https :// www H u m a n i t i e s

answer question 5 https :// www H u m a n i t i e s

You must include concepts and details from the text, presentations, and documentaries to receive full credit. If you fail to answer all the question or if your response is completely inaccurate or irrelevant, you will lose points on the content, as well as length regardless of how much you write.

. Redistricting and Gerrymandering

“… with gerrymandering legislators pick the voters rather than the voters picking the politicians” Arnold Swartzernegger

Watch the documentary Gerrymandering 101 then answer these questions.

  1. What are your thoughts about gerrymandering? How does gerrymandering impact our democracy?
  2. Given the disproportionate representation of minorities in prison, what impact do you think prison gerrymandering (during redistricting prisoners are not counted in the communities from which they are from) has on minority political power? Please note that this question has nothing to do with prisoners voting. There are a few 2 min videos on prison gerrymandering on the ” Read and Watch” page of the Congress module.


Read the presentation and the article Congress Gets Richer then, answer the following questions.

3. Does it matter if the backgrounds of members of Congress reflect the population as a whole?

4. Can representatives who do not share many of the characteristics of their constituents still be effective representatives? Why? or Why not?

Read the section in your text,” American Politics in Comparative Perspective: How are Women Represented in National Legislature?” and review the map then, answer the following question. To Find “American Politics in Comparative Perspective go to chapter 12. Then go to 12.1 Roots of American Elections. Click through to the 5th page to find the section.

5. Should we institute quotas to increase the representation of women in Congress? Why or Why not?


The YouTube videos are for the question 2 couldn’t find the documentary link for question 1… for 3-4 and also I attached the presentations for these question and I think the presentations is for the whole lesson so helps with all the questions

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