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Respond to the three questions below. EACH response should be  at least 500 WORDS in length. Type your responses in Word. The only source that should be used on the quiz is the ebook attached below. DO NOT USE INTERNET SOURCES ON THIS PAPER. Be sure that your name is included and save your files as .doc or .rtf and submit to the drop box by the due date.

Essay Questions

1. In what respects did various strands of the “new psychology” emerging in the Progressive Era provide support for innovations in schooling, including differential curricula and extracurricular activities? Defend your position with support and examples.

2. Charles Eliot and other social-efficiency liberals believed that they were serving the interests of democracy with their vision of progressive education. Explain their point of view according to their conception of democracy. Next, evaluate their educational and political points of view by using your definition of the educational requirements of democracy.

3. The debate about education for its own sake versus education for a particular role in society continues today. What are some of the ways you see this disagreement being played out in today’s educational environment? In your experience, how do you think schools today tend to orient themselves—towards a classical educational model, or towards a more vocational one—and what are your thoughts about this?


Approximately 250 words