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  1. Thesis and outline workshop – draft of Paper I.
  2. Spirit of inquiry Herring, Cedric, and Loren Henderson. “Wealth Inequality in Black and White: Cultural and Structural Sources of the Racial Wealth Gap.” Race and Social Problems, vol. 8, no. 1, 2016, pp. 4-17. ProQuest,

    In-class Research Log:

     Use google scholar to find one source of information about race relations in the US in the past and the present.  Record the source of the information.

     Summarize this information.

    Using Nail that Connection, synthesize this information.

    Paper I

     Your objective is to write a double-spaced, 5 page essay in Times Roman font. Ensure that your rough draft is almost 5 pages. Anything less than 3.5 pages will mean a reduction in the grade for the essay. Also, ensure that all drafts are in Word so peer- review is easier.

     To prepare for this, look at the thoughts you have recorded about the texts in your notebook. Then prepare a rough outline.

     Be sure to have a clear tentative, thesis statement as the last sentence of the introductory paragraph. This thesis should help you stay focused on your position on the argument.

     Underline, boldface, or italicize the thesis statement in both the draft that you will submit for peer-review and the final copy of the paper.  Remember to use supporting evidence.

     Check the Bedford Researcher to incorporate the evidence correctly into your writing.

    Remember to use Nail That Connection at least once, using the format discussed in class. Highlight this paragraph in both the rough draft and the final copy.

     Remember to have a conclusion.

     As you work on this, please remember that this is a rough draft that you are working on, a work in progress. You will submit the completed rough draft to your group for peer- editing on the day marked on your syllabus for peer editing.

     Quote from at least two or all of the selections you read for class ( “American History,” Wheatley’s “On Being Brought From Africa To America,” and Hwang’s “Trying to Find Chinatown.” )and include any additional readings you have done as well to support your position on the issue.

     Use personal pronouns sparingly and only when you are sharing your story.

     Use your personal story either in the introduction or the conclusion.

    Preparation for writing: Re-read Cofer’s “American History,” Wheatley’s “On Being Brought From Africa To America,” and Hwang’s “Trying to Find Chinatown.” These writers show how different groups use their perception of their own groups to treat others as a minority and therefore, as powerless; and one also shows how a forcible loss of identity can create an alternate identity. As they do that, the writers are also offering a subtle critique of slavery, economic inequality, and racism.

    Question: By drawing evidence from the scholarly article you found on google scholar, your research log, and the texts, write an argument that answers the following question: Has race relations in the United States changed in the 21st century?