also shows people different career directions B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

also shows people different career directions B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

replay in (100 words) for each person :

Becca Naser

A protean career is based upon self-direction with the aim of psychological success in one’s own work, in which employees take most of the responsibility for their own development in their careers. They make up the majority of careers in today’s world and emphasize learning new skills in a continuous manner that responds to customer’s needs from a company. At Service Express Inc., their vision is to “work with our employees to help them achieve their personal, professional, and financial goals.” Essentially, they work with their employees to help them achieve personal goals, which in turn helps and serves customers. Twice a year, they hold “Vision Talks” to discuss employee’s development and goals, which are a part of personalized plans that are updated four times a year.

If SEI continues to grow and wants advice on how to maintain their focus on personalized employee development, I would recommend a formal education program and a push for interpersonal relationships between employees that work in different levels of the company. The formal education could be tuition scholarships or offsets that would help employees personally grow and develop themselves within SEI. Interpersonal relationships between different departments and executives with other employees helps with moral overall and pushes people to take responsibility for their own paths. It also shows people different career directions they may have not thought to go in beforehand.

Owen Jack

1.) The description of the careers at Service Express match the description of a protean career almost exactly. A protean career is one in which the employee is responsible for their goals and the management of their careers, and this is what Service Express believes in. They found that by allowing people to set and manage their own goals it would attract like minded people who would succeed at the company.

2.) If I were advising management at SEI, the first development method I would implement would be self-assessment. I feel that this is a great tool that benefits both parties, because the employee is able to voice their opinion and learn self-awareness while the company benefits because they can help the employee grow without having to evaluate them with their own ratings. The second method I would implement would be goal setting. Although it sounds like SEI already implements this to a certain extent, I think they could take it to the next level by ensuring that the goal is SMART. This will keep employees focused and on track, ultimately benefiting the company as a whole.

Vicky Geurinckx

  1. A protean career can be defined as a career that is by an employee, and its individual goals, based on their qualifications and skills. Service Express Inc, is working really closely with their employees and help them achieve their personal goals by conducting vision talks, or personal development plan, training, etc… In my opinion, Service Express Inc is working very similarly to our tennis program, our trainers are making sure to help us achieve our goals on and off the courts. In this case, Service Express Inc, is making sure to help their employees reach their goals both at work, and in their personal lives.

  1. The first method I would use would be the employee’s assessments method. Feedback is very important and will allow the employees to have clear and valuable information on their performance and what to improve. On top of that, this method will not only help the employees, but the campany as well. By giving feedback they will have more knowledge on their employee’s skills and their potential. The second method would be the succession planning. In a growing business, the succession planning method is very beneficial. This method help recognizing the skills and potential in and out the company, and when a company is growing sometimes it is hard to pay attention to everything, it is very easy to get overwhelmed. The third, and last method would be the formal education program. Education can’t hurt nobody, it can only help and enhance their knowledge, that is why this method would be useful. The formal education method consists of classes to develop employee’s learning and expertise.