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3-3½ pages, 1” margins, double-spaced, 10-12 pt font. Please do not add a cover sheet. Simply include name, course number, and Essay 1 at the top of the page (either centered or adjusted left).

Also, no secondary sources are required. You need only refer to the class reading from the book The American Indian Intellectual Tradition which I will proved for you. However, whenever you cite or quote from the textbook, The American Indian Intellectual Tradition, please put the appropriate page number in parentheses at the end of your citation or quotation (0).

Class reading from the textbook, The American Indian Intellectual Tradition.


Making references to the authors read in The American Indian Intellectual Tradition, namely

D’Arcy McNickle,

Ella Deloria,

Helen L Peterson,

Frell M Owl,

Clyde Warrior,

Robert K Thomas,

Vine Deloria Jr,

answer the following questions:

  • McNickle, E Deloria, and Peterson make clear that much has changed for American Indians because of the Indian Reorganization Act and World War Two. In the case of McNickle, why is he so enthusiastic about what the 1934 IRA has done for tribal self-government? Give at least two examples. Then, with respect to WWII, how does E Deloria portray its effects on the Indian community? Give at least two examples of how the war effort has changed the Indian community. Lastly, how does Peterson explain the importance of Indian political participation?
  • Owl and Warrior both reflect on how the American Indian community has developed during their lifetime. In the case of Owl, who was a lifelong Bureau of Indian Affairs employee, what is the overall picture that he gives his readers about the status of Indian identities? Give at least two examples. Then, in the case of Warrior’s editorial, what does his five types of young Indians say about the Indian college student community of the early 1960s?
  • Robert K Thomas asserted in his essay: “Pan-Indianism is the creator of a new identity, a new ethnic group, if you will, a new ‘nationality’ in America” (326). Referring to at least two examples in Thomas’s essay, explain what this statement means. Then, in Vine Deloria Jr’s essay on Termination policy, explain why the Menominee Tribe stands out as an example of why termination was such a disaster.

[Please do not use the questions as section breaks. You may number your answers, but please do not insert the entire question into your essay. Thank you!]