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Project Revive LLC is a consulting firm of highly charged and accomplished project managers whose main stream of revenue comes from managing the turnaround of failing projects. As a consultant with Project Revive LLC you will study, analyze, and manage a failed project from is a fictitious company and the project documents for project scenario are linked below. The project was originally scoped to develop and deploy an automated web-based training system for new employees to reduce the workload and cut down personnel resources required to complete the new employee orientation (NEO) training.

As a veteran member of the Project Revive team, you already know the value of continually examining performance throughout a project to further define and update project data. Special attention to documenting and identifying problems is required in time to make appropriate adjustments. The earned value management (EVM) technique is often used in this type of analysis. Continue your analysis of the failed project by applying the EVM technique to examine performance based on what was accomplished.

Deliverable: Develop an Earned Value Analysis report of the current failed project.

Complete the following:

  • Use Microsoft Project or different, faculty-approved software to show earned value in a list of tasks that measure the cost of the work performed up to a certain date (the current date) based on the Schedule document
  • Consider how you can apply this analysis of the failed project to a successful project turnaround.

Address the following topics. Where necessary, define assumptions you made.

  • Apply an earned value technique.
  • Explain the value of the information provided through the EVM technique.
  • Analyze project success based on earned value calculations.
  • Base project decisions on earned value calculations.
  • Explain how you will apply earned value calculations to a successful project turnaround.

Use the MS Project functionality (or another software program) to:

  • Display project summary information and report.
  • Create project reports.
  • Export project plan cost data into Excel.