_____ total 50 points possible W r i t i n g

_____ total 50 points possible W r i t i n g

Go to: http:// Go to the tools and templates link.Open the Simply Put pdf. Read and review all the information about creating materials.

After reviewing Simply Put Identify a public service announcement on
YouTube or obtain a copy of one from a community health agency or from
an online health source.

Post the link to the video to this forum or attach a pdf of a brochure to this forum. Be sure the link is active! Don’t forget to cite, in APA format, your source for the public service announcement in your post.

Analyze your chosen public service announcement for factors such as
those issues outlined in Simply Put. Based on your analysis, was the
public service annoucement developed appropriated for the intended
audience? These are the questions that should be answered, in complete
sentences and in detail.

1. Was the message clear?

2. Are there limited messages?

3. Does it tell audience what to do?

4. Does it tell audience what they will learn?

5. Is it short and easy to understand?

6. Is the text or spoken word easy to read, understand or hear?

7. Do the visual enhance the message?

8. Is the material culturally sensitive?

9. Is the matieral easily accessible for the intended audience?

10. What other issues did you notice that were good or bad about the annoucement?

Finally, provide your own personal opinion of the public service
announcement. Did you like it, was it effective, could it be better?

After posting your public service annoucement and answering the above questions, visit at least one
of your classmates’ posts and provide your opinion of their public
service annoucement. Consider watching several posts to learn about the
differences in public service announcements.


_____ Video or document is accessible and easy to hear or read. (10 points) NOTE: If the link is not active or LIVE, the instructor can not grade the assignment and student will receive a ZERO.

_____ Provided brief answers for each of the issues related to the
public service annoucement as outlined in Simply Put. (35 points)

_____ Visited one classmates’ post and provided opinion. (5 points)

_____ Total 50 points possible.

Points deducted for spelling and or grammatical errors.